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    Current food/drink prices on the Camino Frances, and Trail Angels

    You can find the same type of angels along the Appalachian Trail.
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    Please help me plan off-stages: After Sarria to Muxia/Finisterre

    Lires, on our way from Finisterre to Muxia, was lovely. We stayed at LIRESCA, a great little inn with a fabulous restaurant. Even if you don't stay at LIRESCA, eat at the restaurant. Great food. Treat yourself to their bleu cheese cheesecake.
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    Availability of taxis and buses along the Way--how possible is this to find if needed?

    Just installed the app. Who knows, might need a taxi here in mountains of North Carolina.
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    Availability of taxis and buses along the Way--how possible is this to find if needed?

    Wow, this is good to know. Thanks. I am done with my CF Camino but, who knows, I may do another and find myself on a dirt path next to the cow pasture at the top of the hill and in need of a taxi.
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    Availability of taxis and buses along the Way--how possible is this to find if needed?

    I just finished the Frances and while I am certain there are taxis in cities and villages (or can be called to pick up in smaller towns), there are stretches where if you haven't pre-arranged a pick-up at a certain location, I am not sure how you would summon one. We did a long day, almost 20...
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    Pre-booking train/bus from Madrid to Leon mid-April?

    I fly into Madrid on April 24 and am taking a bus to Leon. There is a train that leaves later (from Chamartin?) but it seemed a bit of a hassle to go from the airport to a train station when the bus leaves from the airport. The train is a bit shorter but the bus leaves earlier. So I have...
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    THAT enduring tissue (etc) issue on the CF in particular……

    I don't have a suggestion for the excrement part of the problem (bring a bag, carry it out), but many long distance backpackers (think on the trail in wilderness for days), carry a "pee rag". Yep, they carry it attached to their backpack (always, always remember which side in case you also...
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    LIVE from the Camino Albergue Lama

    Am I correct that there are 3 routes out of Villafranca? It looks like the Dragonte route is the steepest, the Pereje route the least attractive, and the Pradela route somewhere in between. I like mountain walks but not looking for a "suffer fest" so likely to chose the Pradela. Any thoughts...
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    Necessary Sundries

    Other than sunscreen, I did not bring any kind of lotion. It was warm and dry and I ended up purchasing some hand lotion when my fingers began to crack. But if you need such things, buy them there so that you are not carrying anything you don't need.
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    Confusion between Hostels Juan de Yepes and Santa Brigida in Hontanas

    Stayed at Juan de Yepes Oct. 2019. Same owner as Santa Brigida. Nice space, great communal meal. They have a little cafe for beverages and snacks upon arrival and for something to eat before heading out for the day. Recommend it.
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    May 2020 - 1st timer - SJPP to Burgo

    Not sure if you need to purchase your bus ticket in advance. I bought mine the day before both times. Both times the bus had empty seats.
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    Favorite Leg/Section

    SJPP to Roncevalles via Napoleon route in the rain and mist. Completely magical. We could hear the bells from the sheep or cows or horses before we saw them. They would rise magically out of the mist. The forested section before you get to the highest point, shrowded in mist, was...
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    May 2020 - 1st timer - SJPP to Burgo

    As others have suggested, the Easy Jet flight from Paris to Biarritz and then the Bouricoutt Express shuttle to SJPP works well. Don't know where you are coming from in the US, but regardless, it will be a long day. If you need to rest up before starting your Camino, do it SJPP. Bouricoutt...
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    Puente le Reina ‘German Church’

    Is there a small primer on the distinguishing characteristics of each style of architecture?
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    Is Camino Frances a Rat Race in April/May?

    A slight twist to this question: I will be returning to finish the Camino Frances which I started this year. In 2020 will start in Leon in early May. I am not particularly worried about finding a bed, but am wondering what the "crowd" size will be at this time of the year from Leon to...
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    Liner versus sleeping bag

    I used a liner and took along a down throw that I had laying around. Started walking September 20. Both of these rolled up together nicely, weighed very little, and I put both, plus my sleep shirt, in a waterproof stuff sack which I hung from the bottom of my pack. The throw was smaller than...
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    Where is the steep and lengthen rocky (pebbles) descent?

    I thought the descent into Zubiri was dangerous. Coming down from Alto de Pedron was wicked but 2nd to Zubiri.
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    Luggage Transfer to Burgos

    Thank you, andycohn. Great suggestion.

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