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  1. Jesnat

    Train: Barcelona to Pamplona - should I buy ticket in advance?

    I would book as once all seats are sold the train is ‘full’. I got the same availability as the post above.
  2. Jesnat

    Reducing carbon - arriving by ferry to Bilbao/Santander or train from Barcelona

    There are so many travel options to get you to your start point. As others have already posted you will almost certainly need to break your journey with a couple of changes. For example, there is a coach from Santander to Oviedo, along the coast, and then a change down to Leon which is a major...
  3. Jesnat

    Jeans on the camino

    I don´t want to miss out on this lively discussion. Personally I wouldn´t wear jeans for a long walk because of the thick inside seams which chaff / rub after a while. My trekking trousers have smooth flat inside seams.
  4. Jesnat

    First (ish) time biking, 4th Camino

    There is already lots of good advice here. I love the idea of biking whilst your friend is walking and great tip from Perigrinopaul above that you can use the time searching out the best places to eat whilst they catch up. Last October I biked the VDLP, I used two 20 litre rear panniers and a...
  5. Jesnat


    Good luck with your plans and preparation. I rode the VDLP in Sept and really enjoyed it. Your timing looks good. I also probably went too quickly completing in 14 days so if I did it again (Spring next year!) I would take a bit more time. There are a lot of fantastic posts on this forum with...
  6. Jesnat

    A Newbie

    I live in Spain and used my own bike. I posted it from my local Post Office to the main Post Office in Seville and started from there. There are several very helpful posts on the forum covering transporting a bike around Spain. On my return from Gijon I was able to take the bike on the long...
  7. Jesnat

    A Newbie

    Good luck with your plans. I completed the VDLP in October, it was a challenge, I´m 66 also, but hugely enjoyable. I rode from Sevilla to Gijon as I have walked the Francis to Santiago some years before. I used a hybrid bike with touring tyres, back panniers and handlebar bag for essentials and...
  8. Jesnat

    Leon to Santiago

    I don’t know if this will help as I don’t know what your plastic bike box is. But last month I posted my bike in a strong cardboard bike box from my local Correos Office (Post Office) to the main Correos office in Seville. I caught the train to Seville (I live in Spain) and picked up my bike...
  9. Jesnat

    Train Santiago to Astorga.

    Check the Renfe site, there is a train leaving SDC at 8.34 arriving Astorga 12.27; 8 stops. Cost €18
  10. Jesnat

    Via de la Plata as a first time bicigrina

    Hi Mon, I’m also biking for the first time starting in Seville at the end of this month. There are a few recent posts on this topic. You have probably found them already but here’s a couple of good links that I'm using:
  11. Jesnat

    Cycling along VDLP and beyond

    You too. I downloaded the book to my ipad. Planning my route on my phone screen is just too hard and as weight is less of a problem on the bike the ipad should be very handy.
  12. Jesnat

    Cycling along VDLP and beyond

    I'm a first time bicigrino too, spending a week or so on the VDLP starting later this month. You probably have found it already but here's a link to a couple of great sites:, There is also a great guidebook...
  13. Jesnat

    Alvia train Barcelona - Pamplona with Mountain bike.... Bike travel bag needed?

    Oh that’s a bit disappointing. I’m sending my bike to Sevilla next month using Correos so I’ll take plenty of before and after fotos and post an update. Other options of train or coach all seemed a bit hit and miss and open to their discretion so I’m really hoping Correos ‘deliver’.
  14. Jesnat

    What time do most breakfast places open along Camino Frances

    I’m excited for you too. For me, one of the joys of the Camino is you really don’t know what’s around the next corner, so finding a welcome looking cafe that’s open early on is a treat.. Dive in grab a cafe and toastada… every day is different. Sometimes you'll see a cafe close by, other days...
  15. Jesnat

    Alvia train Barcelona - Pamplona with Mountain bike.... Bike travel bag needed?

    How was your bike packed, was it in Correos’s paq bici ? A strong cardboard box. I’m planning on using them next month. They say on their website bikes are insured for damage.
  16. Jesnat

    Bike transport from santiago to Pamplona

    Try Correos, the Spanish postal service. They do a Paq Bici where you can send your bike from one post office to another both within Spain and internationally.
  17. Jesnat

    Own bike or renting ?

    I live in southern Spain near Murcia. I’ve just finished a week’s cycling around Flanders in northern Belgium. I took my own bike return on Tuifly from Murcia to Ostend. The bike and packed panniers travelled as oversized luggage and had to be packed correctly. I used a strong cardboard bike box...
  18. Jesnat

    Bus schedules

    I caught the Madrid to Pamplona bus on Friday, left at 3.00pm stopping in Belorado at 6.30 pm and then Santo Domingo I think. As GerFol says above, it’s not Alsa but another bus company. You can catch it from the main bus station in Avd De America - which is on the metro.
  19. Jesnat

    Belorado to maybe Sarria: itinerary ideas?

    I restarted my walk from Belorado this evening. I live in southern Spain and arrived by train and bus about 6.30 pm and walked about 7 kms to Villambistia. Staying in a wonderful Casa Rural, Casa de Los Deseos. So only have a short day tomorrow whilst I build up my stamina. Your first day looks...
  20. Jesnat

    LIVE from the Camino We’re finally on our way!!!!!

    I have so enjoyed reading your posts. I have felt I am walking alongside you. I’m sure you will be back to complete one or more stretches. I re-commence my own walk from Belorado this Friday so I will be sure to scan the path for your ring. I’m just planning to walk for a week or so aiming for...

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