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  1. Jan_D

    2019 bus Pamplona to Saint Jean

    Not sure whether there's a more recent thread on the Pamplona-St Jean bus route, but I got an alert due to my previous involvement on this thread, so I was curious to check it out for myself! As you say, an Alsa search comes up blank. It could be that it's just not feasible to run this route at...
  2. Jan_D

    Learning Spanish Podcast - Recommendations?

    I second this. Ben and Marina are great! Ben is English, and his wife, Marina (from Madrid), helps him to improve his Spanish, all while discussing a range of interesting topics. In fact they even have a couple of conversations about the camino! (here and here - although these fall into the...
  3. Jan_D

    Camino Del Norte ×credencial/sellos/compostela?

    Hi Ross, the albergues run by the Association de Amigos often sell pilgrim passports; I normally pick one up on arrival in Irun for a couple of euros, but given the lack of guarantee that anything will be open in 3 months' time, it might be best getting one in advance. (p.s. if for any reason...
  4. Jan_D

    Camino del Norte from the air

    Hi Laurie, I had no trouble accessing the programme here:
  5. Jan_D

    TV series from Galicia on Netflix

    Thanks Ivar! As Bruce said, good for practicing Castellano... after watching some of the other telenovela offerings on Netflix I'm starting to sound like a Mexican narcotraficante! 😁
  6. Jan_D

    Via Tolosana

    It's a very quiet route. I walked in June last year, and even in major stops like Montpellier, I was usually the only person in the albergue. In the rural areas the albergues are run by the Mairie, so you need to get the key during office hours, which can be very random and often exclude...
  7. Jan_D

    Ashes to Spain?

    And a beautifully poetic way to mark an act of "mourning"...
  8. Jan_D

    Ashes to Spain?

    Yes, that's why I posted a link to US Spanish Consulate's advice on the matter (second reply on the thread).. 😂
  9. Jan_D

    Ashes to Spain?

    As we all know from our Camino experiences, Spanish provinces/municipalities often have slightly different regulations and procedures - from what I've read, it seems to be generally accepted that discretely scattering ashes "in nature" is fine (although you can face a fine if you're caught...
  10. Jan_D

    Ashes to Spain?

    Found this on the Spanish Consulate in NYC website: In sum, it says you'll need: 1. death certificate, 2. cremation certificate, and 3. statement from funeral home...
  11. Jan_D

    What Is This Sculpture?

    Here you go:
  12. Jan_D

    Advice on stages - Porto to Santiago in 8 days

    Oh I've just seen that Gronze also has info about coastal variant, sorry I missed that before! Your route looks workable, although I've just checked my Brierley guide and it has the distance between Póvoa de Varzim and Viana as closer to 50km! Gulp 😳 Also, just so long as you're aware the...
  13. Jan_D

    Advice on stages - Porto to Santiago in 8 days

    Hi, are you happy doing 4 x40km days in a row? Because Porto to Vigo is about 160km! You can get an idea of distances and nearest towns/stops on Gronze, which has info for the Central route. The Costa and Litoral routes are slightly longer. (In case you don't know, the Litoral is basically the...
  14. Jan_D

    Bilbao - Casto Urdiales

    See screenshot. That's where you need to make your decision. The camino path goes up on the left. Otherwise, you just carry on along the N-634. It's the old highway, they've now built a new one (which you'll be standing under when you get to this point!) For longer distances, everyone uses the...
  15. Jan_D

    Bilbao - Casto Urdiales

    At the end of the Arena beach there's a green bridge (see screenshot) that takes you into Pobeña - well, the outskirts, you leave the town very soon. From there, as ranthr says, it's a nice walk along the coast to Ontón.
  16. Jan_D

    Bilbao - Casto Urdiales

    You can see the distances here. If you take the 'official' camino route, it's 19.4km from Bilbao to Portugalete, and then 27.6km from Portugalete to Castro Urdiales.
  17. Jan_D

    Bilbao - Casto Urdiales

    Even if you left Bilbao along the river (the shorter route), it's still 40km to Castro Urdiales. Otherwise 47km along the 'official' route. For the majority of pilgrims, that's double their daily average. (I've met some pilgrims who do very long daily distances as a norm, but I have no idea...
  18. Jan_D

    Guide Books for Chemin d’Arles & Camino Aragones

    I posted a report of my walk through the Haut-Languedoc, in case you're interested!
  19. Jan_D

    Guide Books for Chemin d’Arles & Camino Aragones

    Arles to Toulouse is VERY quiet. I walked in June last year, and on the "busiest" night, there were 4 of us in the albergue. For about 10 days you'll be walking through the Parc Naturel du Haut-Languedoc, which is stunningly beautiful but very remote. Most days, you won't see another soul until...
  20. Jan_D

    Guide Books for Chemin d’Arles & Camino Aragones

    Hi Ian, I did the first half of the Arles last year, and really wished I'd had the Miam Miam Dodo with me. The Arles is definitely the 'road less travelled', and opening times of the albergues, épiceries, etc, can be... well, let's just say what you'd expect in rural France. As a French...

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