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  1. mark connolly

    Earliest Words Ever Written in Basque
  2. mark connolly

    Sheep take over Madrid's streets as they head for winter pastures
  3. mark connolly

    Trail Condition - before Molinaseca

    The first time a walked it, it was very difficult. So the second time I decided to stop in El Acebo, and stay at that mega-albergue/hotel. And the next day I walked it with no problem and started to think there was no need to stay in El Acebo. Not realizing I had the opportunity to be well...
  4. mark connolly

    Warning using “The Camino Del Norte app”

    @wisepilgrim Updating meaning what? Has the correct route now being shown or has it been eliminated? Mark
  5. mark connolly

    Warning using “The Camino Del Norte app”

    Brings back some bad memories from last year. I took this route and when I came to the tunnel, I didn't even think it was part of the route. So, I continued on and instead of turning back, which I should have, I bushwhacked my way down the side of the mountain. Fell a couple of times, nearly...
  6. mark connolly

    Stuck in Spain

    After my last two camino's I just got on and travelled thru Europe. Went to Croatia, Ireland, Bosnia, etc. Obviously you can book all of this from you cell phone. For example, here is a list of flights departing Barcelona this Sunday...
  7. mark connolly

    Bottom bunks

    I have the same issue of getting up in the middle of the night and going to the bathroom, etc. Getting to albuegues early is probably the only way to guarantee of getting one. So, follow the above advice. Since I need getting a bottom bunk, and if none are available, I would go hotel/pension or...
  8. mark connolly

    Santiago presents for little granddaughters

    I believe some stores in Santiago sell peregrina dolls similar to the one depicted in the mural as you enter Sarria. Good luck. Mark
  9. mark connolly

    "El Peregrino Pasante"

    I emailed my brother Jim, who will be passing by in a couple of days. Could it be my brother will get El Cello Finito from him? Perhaps that will be worth a lot of money. Mark
  10. mark connolly

    "El Peregrino Pasante"

    He even has his own signpost on the camino. Hot bout dat! Mark
  11. mark connolly

    Traveling from western Canada - how far in advance do you book your flights?

    I usually book about 4-6 weeks in advance. More importantly, I use for this. It has an option to check fares to your destination for a whole month, for example here is a listing of fares from Vancouver to Madrid for the month of November...
  12. mark connolly

    Irish Pub in Oviedo?

    Classic Irish Pub C. Jovellanos, 5, 33003 Oviedo, Asturias, Spain Good luck. Mark
  13. mark connolly

    Is it easier just to fly to Madrid to start the Frances?

    I don't think there is any need to book a connecting flight. Once you arrive in Madrid you are 99.99 percent of the way there. If you flight (original or connecting) is delayed, cancelled etc., it may throw a wrench in your plans. Arriving at Madrid you can get a bus directly from the airport to...
  14. mark connolly

    Northern lights!

    As dbier says it's all relative. Here is an article from a couple of weeks ago stating that the Aurora Borealis could possibly viewed as far south in the state of Maryland. Also...
  15. mark connolly

    Paris to SJPP - Advice on my itinerary

    I am with mspath on this one. There are numerous posts on this forum that ask "If I arrive at xyz airport at a certain time, will i have plenty of time to clear immigration/customs to get to city center to catch a train to? etc." In some ways you have to assume the worst, you flight may be...
  16. mark connolly

    Camping, Money and Walking Intensity

    Couple of things to keep in mind: Bring a phone that way you may be able to contact gites, campgrounds, etc. Bring the Miam Dodo guide or any guide because you may either chose to stay at gite or be forced to. Some campgrounds are listed in the Miam guide but not many I am under the...
  17. mark connolly

    LIVE from the Camino Current conditions: Big wave on the Francés

    After Los Arcos, the next stage after that is Logrono, which is 19 miles. So, some may stop off at Viana which is about 11 miles. From Viana, there are stages/cities/albergues in between which have plenty of beds. By stages I mean according to Brierley's book. Yes, I know that not everyone...
  18. mark connolly

    Female Wide, Big feet : Size 11 (US) mens. Still searching for the perfect walking shoes.

    Believe it or not, Walmart maybe your best option. I have a wide foot as well (yes, I am a male, stay with me here), and I bought a pair of Ozark Trail hiking boots for about $60 US that fit perfect. Don't know what else to add but give it a try and see what happens. Good luck. Mark
  19. mark connolly

    One Way Ticket

    Please advise as to which Spanish government agency is asking for this information and why. I travelled to France and Spain a year ago to the day. This was during the height of Covid. Travelers to those countries were asked at that time to fill out information on-line and they will receive an...

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