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  1. RevBarbaraG

    Need Your Prayers !!

    Does that explain why the passport control person looked so hard at me when I left Santiago airport? There was no record of me having entered Spain, since I flew to France. I’m British, and hence an EU citizen, at least for another 10months.
  2. RevBarbaraG

    20 truths about walking the Camino

    Most of those rang true, especially the first. When I was tired and in pain (i.e. in the afternoon), I got to the point where I responded to Buen Camino with an eye roll and silence.
  3. RevBarbaraG

    Physical Recovery

    As the daughter of a GP, I have an instinctive aversion to visiting the GP unless I really need to. My logical mind says that, if I have indeed become anaemic through repeatedly walking 20K+ per day, then removing the cause of the problem should allow it to resolve in due course. I’ll see how...
  4. RevBarbaraG

    Physical Recovery

    There’s only one hour difference between Spain and UK, although I was getting up earlier on the Camino, and going to bed a LOT earlier. Going to have to get used to not being in bed for 9.5-10 hours per night. My healing blisters itch like anything!
  5. RevBarbaraG

    Physical Recovery

    I know it’s going to vary a lot based on age, fitness level, how hard you pushed yourself etc, but I would like to get a feel for the range of time it took people to feel normal again! I arrived at SdC on Saturday, having walked from SJPdP in 38 days, minus a little bus ride because of knee...
  6. RevBarbaraG

    Amazing albergue - don’t miss it!

    Wanted to go there... it was closed :-(. Schlepped back into town, exhausted, and ended up staying in a hostel/albergue which had repurposed some of its hotel rooms as albergue space. Two pairs of bunk beds, sharing a room with a hotel bathroom attached - nice compensation for the wasted trip!
  7. RevBarbaraG

    Fitness level

    I got home yesterday after completing my first Camino Frances in 38 days. I started at 275lb (at 5’ 7”), having done some training walks, but probably nowhere near enough. I usd most of the strategies outlined above: started deliberately with shorter stages by cutting SJPdP to Roncesvalles into...
  8. RevBarbaraG

    Weight Loss

    As a fully-fledged, compostela’d peregrina, I can now add my two pennor’th. In 38 days of walking, 3 days of R&R in Santiago and a day’s travelling either side, I lost 22lb. Apart from occasionally thinking I wouldn’t drink the orange juice, I ate as much as I felt like of everything that...
  9. RevBarbaraG

    Casa del Pescador, Ambasmestas

    Still do - but she’s a he!
  10. RevBarbaraG

    Casa del Pescador, Ambasmestas

    I was already going to recommend this albergue heartily - the food is superb (home-made breadsticks and hummus to accompany the pumpkinsoup, followed by smoked trout from their own pond and fresh vegetables from their garden), lovely clean roomy bathroom and only €1 to use the washing machine...
  11. RevBarbaraG

    The wait is over, but unfortunately the weight is over.

    You have my sympathy.... I was determined from January to lose some weight, but failed miserably. I did have a haircut before I set off, but that was to aid swift drying. But I can report that, 24 days into my Camino, my formerly tight trousers are distinctly loose. This despite eating as much...
  12. RevBarbaraG

    Brushing up on my Spanish

    I used Babbel in preparation for my Camino and it’s been great. One or two oddities, though... I didn’t try too hard to memorise “Let’s open this tin of sardines, that one is out of date”
  13. RevBarbaraG

    French trains strike

    They were on strike the day I travelled. There was a replacement bus, just took a little longer as we had to go to the intermediate stops for nobody to get on or off.
  14. RevBarbaraG

    Biarritz airport to Bayonne rail station

    Pay on the bus, it will set you back a massive €1
  15. RevBarbaraG

    Compeed use.

    And just to report back that, with 2 weeks of Camino under my belt, a dry dressing secured with micropore is a much better blister treatment than Compeeds. I would use them in everyday life if I had a blister, but not if I was going to walk for 3+ hours. They just won’t go the distance for me.
  16. RevBarbaraG

    Compeed use.

    Thanks all for input. That reference was to diabetic foot *ulcers*, which this isn’t... but interesting anyway. It has certainly felt fine yesterday and today covered with a dry dressing, so I have stocked up. I have to declare the one sock experiment a failure ( for me), though, as despite a...
  17. RevBarbaraG

    Compeed use.

    OK, so I am 3 days into my Camino and have been using Compeeds on the pre-existing blister (from training) which is in a really awkward spot at the back of my instep. I’m diabetic, so probably shouldn’t use them... but can anyone say why not? I’ve just been advised by another peregrino to pop...
  18. RevBarbaraG

    Is this sensible?

    Spencer? I already have the possibility of 4 layers over my arms and trunk, including wind proof and waterproof. Should be enough, no? Yes I’ve been watching the weather forecast with panic interest. Should be cold and breezy but dry for my first day (to Valcarlos), but wet, wet, wet for my...
  19. RevBarbaraG

    BBC Program "Celebs" on the Camino

    Oh, I’ve set it to record, so it will be waiting for me when I get home, I just meant it would have been nice to see them before I go. I *could* watch vía iPlayer while I’m there..... but I’ll actually be there, which is surely better. Besides, I might get jealous watching all that lovely...
  20. RevBarbaraG

    Is this sensible?

    Yes, I bought a new jacket yesterday, because my existing one was really very heavy. This one is very waterproof, and breathable. Just been through the process of readjusting my pack - brought in those things I had forgotten about, got rid of a few - and overall have ditched half a kilo from my...

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