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    How steep is the climb to Alto de Perdon.

    Actually it's more difficult going down after getting to top very rough rocky steep in places very definitely need a walking stick but considering your age maybe better taking road route down I'm 71 years old myself and doing from Pamplona to Astorga this year starting out on 11th May any way...
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    Villafranca del Bierzo to O Cebreiro - Pradela route

    Take the high road is scenic no problems you'll love it.
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    Old-ish solo lady

    If using albergues mostly a good up to date cost would be a comfortable 50 euro a day but could be less according with what restrictions you impose on yourself as to include extra luxuries each day but whatever way cap your spending amount you will treasure this wonderful experience Buen Camino
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    LIVE from the Camino Meseta in winter

    Yes amazing part of Camino in any season feel sorry for those pilgrims who skip this part there missing a fantastic experience.Buen Camino.
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    Newbie here!

    Yes to verify where you started from and get starting out stamp
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    Once more from Pamplona

    Starting from Pamplona on 14th may got 25 days this year see where it takes me my 19th time on various Camino's still get the Buzz
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    Here we go again

    Hi all I'm starting in pamplona this year on May 14 arriving on 12 th.will be my 19th trip on various Camino's still get a buzz from it.
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    Public transport from Santiago to Porto

    Bus back from Santander to Porto via Vigo roughly 5 hrs.
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    All the single ladies, all the single ladies

    No problems at all lots solo ladies doing Camino's from all over world although I'm a man have done 18 Camino's Camino's over years and going again this May and June women tend to join up very easily but do not worry you'll be fine all will work out ok Buen Camino enjoy what willbe a blast...
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    First Camino - trying to choose a route. Advice please

    Myself every time I reach Santiago I like to have 2 full days walking about great city then usually walk on to Finesterre get bus back then if my schedule allows another day at least again love the atmosphere and ambience of beautiful city doing another another walk again this year from Pamplona...
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    Is pre-booking accommodation the new normal?

    Yes they are all sort of ways to do a Camino but remember it's your own individual Camino to be completed whatever way you want rights or wrongs just do what is to your liking nothing laid down in law just enjoy this wonderful experience you'll never forget.
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    Keen sandals Newport H2 sizing - sandalista advice needed!

    I've used keen sandals for years great toe protection I'm a 10 but wear a 11 with sandals very comfortable and great for Letting your feet keep cool.personally I like to change into sandals halfway through the day to give break
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    Camino Return/Tickets Purchased

    Yes once you reach Leon you could take a bus to Oviedo or do the san Salvador Camino from Leon to Oviedo between 5 or 6 days fantastic Camino vistas beautiful but fairly tough going then start primitivo from Oviedo
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    First Camino - trying to choose a route. Advice please

    In a way you are.if I were yous I would start Pamplona to Leon on Frances way more facilities and more social with more choices of different choices of accomodation.all Camino's involve bits os road walking unavoidable.myself will be going on another trip on Frances this year my 19 th prob my...
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    Trail Condition - before Molinaseca

    Done it by road and rocky track in past.found road less physical and safer as it's easy to fall over and break a.bone etc especially when wet
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    How busy is the Frances these days?

    Just finished from SJPDP to Leon didn't find it any busier or quieter than previous trips still has the magic of the trail.this is my 18 th Camino and very last done lots different Camino over years but now few weeks away from being 71 yrs young body now telling me enough enjoyed every step of...
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    Bikers, please give walking pilgrims warning!

    Yes totally agree some bikes cost 2000 euros or more think they should come with bell bit of respect is all that's needed speaking from experience got forced into canal be Medi one year from Germany bikers ever since dislike bikers vthere not true pilgrims sorry to say
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    Camino awesome, Santiago not so much

    So sorry you felt that way but for me after 18 caminos over years do not agree on my last ever Camino on Frances because it was very first. One.but every time I reach santiago I still get feeling of love and great achievement everybody trying make living vin these hard times at moment present...
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    Calendar MAY 2022 start - Check in here!

    Nearly time now for my Camino from SJPDP 26 th may ✅
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    How fast do you walk on the Camino?

    Also from Glasgow going on my 18 th Camino 24 th May nearly 71 yrs young speed irrelevant it's what your comfortable with that matters no use killing oneself for the sake of a watch book ahead take your time and enjoy this glorious journey Buen Camino

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