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    Beginning in 4 days

    Hello! We are 5 days in and have had some issues - some were because we started late or underestimated how hard and how long a stage would take. In Guernica we couldn’t get anything. All hotels were booked. We took a bus to Bilbao. The first few days we booked day before or in morning the other...
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    Accommodation issues (a warning)

    Today we were meant to stay in Guernica but there was zero accommodation. Not even hotels. We had to book a hotel in Bilbao and take a bus there. I don’t know if this will be an issue the entire way but the municipal albergue in Deb’s was also full early evening and they had to send people away...
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    Voices from the Camino - theatre project

    Hello! Yes I will ask open ended questions/have a conversation with folks so the participant is in charge of what they share. It’s a form of theatre called verbatim/documentary theatre and takes the real words of people to create a piece. Anna Deavere Smith is a known for this type of work.The...
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    Voices from the Camino - theatre project

    Hello! I’m Colleen and I walked part of el Frances in 2016 and was very inspired by the journey and the amazing people I met. I am walking again and am working on a project in which I am collecting the personal stories and accents of the people I meet along the way. I’m an assistant professor of...
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    Medical - where to get ice?

    I had to ice my knees on my first walk and I always asked for ice at cafes (when I was ordering something) and they always helped. Good luck.
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    Start date Camino Norte

    Thank you! I’m very excited. Buen Camino
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    Start date Camino Norte

    Hello! I'll be starting el Norte in Irún on 21st June.

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