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  1. AML

    Biarritz airport to Pamplona

    Is there a bus from Biarritz airport to Pamplona? Thanks
  2. AML

    OBSOLETE COVID THREAD Camino these days?

    The rules are there to control people and if people keep complying it will never end and only get worse!
  3. AML

    OBSOLETE COVID THREAD Camino these days?

    better than any experimental jab, which is proven not to stop you catching the virus or spreading it to others!
  4. AML

    OBSOLETE COVID THREAD Camino these days?

    No i don't have a EU DCC nor do i have a smartphone or similar. I didn't have a PCR when i was ill, but all symptoms suggested covid, Planning to go early spring
  5. AML

    OBSOLETE COVID THREAD Camino these days?

    What is the current situation on the Camino's albergues, bars, restaurants in relation to covid. Is it possible for someone unvaxxed to enter? I have had covid in September and recovered in 2 weeks, now natural immunity and feeling great.
  6. AML

    Mozarabe from Almeria in February

    I would like to walk from Almeria to Cordoba in February. Will the albergues be available at this time?
  7. AML

    Santander accommodation october

    Can anyone recommend somewhere to stay in Santander for 1 night late october. I'm really only passing through Santander on way to Oviedo to start the Camino Primitivo. I was considering the albergue de peregrinos in Santander but read some quite negative reviews. thanks
  8. AML

    Kindness in Moratinos

    Last sunday morning, on a cold and windy day, i was walking through Moratinos and stopped to take shelter at the village square. Rebecca from the forum and her friend Cathy stopped with me and invited me to their home for a coffee. I appreciated the offer and gladly accepted. I was so nice to...
  9. AML

    Casa Fernanda

    Hi, are you sure you have the correct phone number..... +351 914 589 521 Fernanda speaks good english!
  10. AML

    Completing VDLP now.

    Buen Camino to you both, wishing you a great journey
  11. AML

    If you have done both the CP and the CF...

    Don't worry about 'knowing' you are in Portugal, you will know that you are on the Camino, that's the main thing, so enjoy every moment. You could learn some Portuguese words, phrases to use on your camino, that way you will be more aware you're in Portugal. The food and the menus are somewhat...
  12. AML

    In and out of Ourense

    Hi Marie, This thread may be useful I plan to use this option in October
  13. AML

    Any special albergues not to be missed?

    Hi Andy, Albergue Sao pedro de Rates, Casa Fernanda and Monasterio de Herbon were my favourites on Camino Portuguese centra route. Buen camino Aidan
  14. AML

    Salamanca to Santiago Feb 2017?

    Hi Jude, I did Burgos to Santiago at that time and not VDLP. I'm going to walk Salamanca - Santiago this October. I think SYates has a good blog on VDLP in winter, maybe there are others also.
  15. AML

    Going Solo & Looking for a Group

    Of course Rosa, some anxiety is normal. Once you arrive in Leon and feel the spirit of the Camino all fears will fall away! I'm excited for you. Good luck
  16. AML

    Going Solo & Looking for a Group

    Rosa, I believe you will find the right group without looking! Wishing you a great journey Buen Camino Aidan
  17. AML

    Any Indian Pilgrims?

    Hi Bindu, Welcome to the forum. Great that you have the opportunity to walk the Camino. I've been to India a few times and visited many pilgrim places there. I found this old thread which may be useful to you to connect with other Indian pilgrims...
  18. AML

    Italy...Via Francigena or Way of St. Francis?

    Maybe this map can give you some idea of the different routes!:)
  19. AML

    Italy...Via Francigena or Way of St. Francis?

    The route from Florence and the route from Dovadola may intersect even before La Verna. After La Verna i definitely remember seeing the Blue/Yellow waymarkings of Via de Francesco and also Via di Roma i believe. I looked into this route also which continues to Poggio Bustone...
  20. AML

    Italy...Via Francigena or Way of St. Francis?

    Hi Chris, Last Sept/early Oct I walked a route Cammino di Assisi. It started in a small village called Dovadola which is near Forli and close to Bologna. It took 13 days to reach Assisi. Accommodation is limited on the route so you have to register in advance with Cammino di Assisi association...

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