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  1. tominrm

    Best U.S. $$$ Denominations

    Just curious. Does DB charge you a fee for using their ATM? Probably not if you have an account with the bank. I used Schwab debit card to get cash from their ATMs, and I don't think DB charges me any fees.
  2. tominrm

    ATM Choices in Spain

    On November 18,2022 after finishing my walk, I had a few hours in Santiago before I leave for my next destination. Then I realized I might need more euros so I decided get some cash out of ATM, and this turned out to be an experiment answering what I always wondered about whenever I used an ATM...
  3. tominrm

    Transport fr SCQ to Sarria

    I took Monbus last week from Santiago to Sarria, and the fare was 10 Euros. From the airport would be just about the same.
  4. tominrm

    Comment by 'tominrm' in media 'Fallen leaves in Ponferrada'

    Another vote for ginkgo.
  5. tominrm

    OBSOLETE COVID THREAD What happens if you get Covid on the trail?

    Sorry, this is the same topic as one of previous threads, but the focus would be a little bit different. I decided in July that waiting a year or two for my next camino does not guarantee it will be safer by then. At my age safe time to travel may never come in my lifetime. So I decided in...
  6. tominrm

    Money exchange - current rates

    I think opening/having an on-line bank, not investment, account with Charles Schwab will solve all these issues. The bank (debit card) will absorb ALL transaction fees and reimburses at the end of each month. I first opened an account for Camino de Santiago several years ago and still have it...
  7. tominrm


    Do I need a QR code for each EU country I plan to visit? Or is there one QR code for all EU? I thought the latter was the case, but now I think I am wrong. I plan to visit France, Italy, Portugal and Spain in Oct/Nov.
  8. tominrm

    TAP Travel Voucher - Expired

    In 2020 April I had a reservation on a TAP flight which was cancelled due to pandemic, and TAP was nice enough to issue a voucher for the cancelled flight. Yesterday I was trying to book a flight to find the vouch was invalid probably because it is over 12 months from the time the voucher was...
  9. tominrm

    Vasque boots

    I wore Vasque Sundowner boots during my first two caminos, and had no problems. They were comfortable albeit a little heavy. It was recommended by my doctor who enjoys hiking. When I was looking for the replacement I noticed many people complain about "Vaque not being what used to be", but I...
  10. tominrm

    On the Camino, on this date in April...

    Easter, April 1, 2018 in Caceres
  11. tominrm

    Graffiti removal

    I remember seeing the red "Santiago de Compostela" letters were covered with so many stickers in May, 2019.
  12. tominrm

    Anyone in Korea?

    I am not in Korea now, but think you will need to self-quarantine for two weeks after your arrival. Mountain hiking is one of very popular activities there. It's normally a day-trip. But if you have time and prefer hiking in flat terrain, there is a "camino like" hiking course in Jeju Island...
  13. tominrm

    Via Adriatica, Croatia

    I was in Croatia two years ago and found the country is very traveler friendly. I think the government issues licenses for private homes to host travelers much like BandB operation. There are big islands southern part of the country connected by ferry services. They say the islands are...
  14. tominrm

    If you were to choose your Camino based on the food?

    Another vote with Kanga. I think they call Basque version of tapas as pintxos(pronounced as PIN-chos). Also Basque has its own famous wine Txakoli(Cha-co-li) too. Asturias has very good bean stew called fabada. Yum!
  15. tominrm

    Surgical Update - Heelsperricus at it again!!!!

    I am afraid that I will need the same surgery, but I will not look at the video until I will have to. It's been at least 6 months with almost no change in degree of pain. Honestly my feet had been neglected parts of my body until it started hurt a lot. Then I realize how complicated the...
  16. tominrm

    Awaiting Covid19 disappear.

    Awaiting Covid19 disappear.
  17. tominrm

    Bear spray rental?

    I personally feel that renting a bear spray is overkill. They are not like grizzly bear. Those bears, if you are lucky to spot any, are shy and and would avoid people. The only dangerous situation might be if you surprise them while a female bear is nursing a young. By the way, are you...
  18. tominrm

    SURGERY UPDATE Post #8 and 15 : in this thread to my Updated foot issues

    I read this with great interest as I have been suffering from plantar fasciitis on my right foot. I now can feel a hard lump size of pea deep inside my heel and hope I do not have to go through surgery. It is painful after walking a few steps, but I am using a gold ball everyday to see if the...
  19. tominrm

    No more excuse for not having this in Every Home Bar in the U.S.

    Went to my local Costco yesterday to find this ham cutting stand and ham. Now no home bar should be without one. Only $549+7%sales tax
  20. tominrm

    Which side of the path

    If everyone walks on the left side of the road, it not only is safer but also helps move car/tractor move faster using the other side of the road. When people are present on both sides of the road, it is more difficult for cars/tractors to navigate in the middle.

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