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    Challenge with accommodations

    Interesting thread, I walked Sep/oct 2018 and only booked Sjpdp and Orisson and just walked and stopped when needed. I walked last year and probably booked 80% but then found my Camino family and changed a few. This year I’m walking Sep/Oct and have booked 95% some through, some...
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    Recommendations (Leon to Santiago) Frances - towns for rest days, and places with pilgrim services

    Ponferrada is a lovely town with the Castle and would give you time to explore Also I am planning two nights in Trabadelo at Casa Susie’s, a lovely village to relax and absorb your walk so far Buen Camino
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    20% drop in pilgrim numbers at Roncesvalles

    I had my third stay on 10th September this year, having booked it months before. My new walking buddies hadn't so one raced to get a bed, the other continued to walk with me, it was a "Camino will provide attitude" we rocked up and lined up. First friend was excited she got a bed. The poor lady...
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    English mass at cathedral

    He was still there two days ago. Beautiful priest.
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    Weirdest/Strangest item someone has taken on the Camino

    My friend loves her cup of tea, she took a china cup & a tea caddy. And developed some horrid blisters too. 64 at the time and carried her pack for 950 kms
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    Salomon trail runners for 800K

    I wore men's wide speedcross 4s on my first Camino, they lasted pretty well for 900ks and I'm tough on them. Only thing was the top inside heal must rub and wore through. I wore the speedcross 5 last Camino and again pleased with them. Wore in conjunction with toe socks liners and smart wool outers.
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    08 Sep 2022 St Jean Pied de Port

    Oh lovely, say hi if you see me, I'm easy to spot as have very pronated knees. Buen Camino
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    08 Sep 2022 St Jean Pied de Port

    Hi Skeeks47, I'm starting at Spjpd 8th too if all goes to plan. buen Camino, 43 days😄
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    Coping with change after Sarria - wisdom needed please

    Hi Barbara, congratulations on walking your Camino. It is a real shock to the system. After reading about this I tried to get a mind set of everyone is on a journey. I left quite early in the mornings (very quietly) if a large group I would just pull over for a while. My first reaction was "I've...
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    Municipal Albergue Zubiri - open/closed?

    Thanks for sharing that info
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    Camino Frances in September

    I ended up purchasing a sleeping bag just over half way on the Frances around the beginning of October as my silk liner and blankets weren't warm enough by then. Nothing worse then being cold all night. Some albergues didn't have blankets so I put all clothes on to sleep in until I purchased...
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    September 2022

    Hola Antananarvio I flew Cathay last time and stopped over in Hong Kong. How times have changed since 2019 😳 Yes agree things will change, hopefully for the good by September. I have booked Gite Makila, right near the pilgrim office and pod type bunks. I've stayed there 2018 & 19. I've also...
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    Way to St James Cygnet

    Good on you TJ. I will be triple vaxxed by then and it may be I am unable to cancel my flight from Melbourne. I had a quick look. I have accomodation I could cancel for the Friday night. I'm in two minds. Usually I be up for a little adventures and do love Hobart but will see. I was booked for...
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    September 2022

    Congrats on your recent Camino, how wonderful. Yes it does get into your soul and hard to explain to those who haven't walked. It's lovely to be on this forum or attend Camino meet ups and chat about the magic if the Camino. And yes Efrén is a fantastic resource.
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    September 2022

    Sounds like a good plan. I will be a slow walker this time so may see you on the way. Buen Camino
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    Camino Francés May 2022

    Ludo is a handsome boy indeed. You should do fine in that time frame and all your emotions are completely normal. Enjoy the training, planning and anticipation. And once there savour every moment. Buen Camino
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    Way to St James Cygnet

    I'm flying Friday morning too. So looking forward to this little escape
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    Way to St James Cygnet

    I am also. See you all then. Fingers crossed.
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    September 2022

    Sorry to sound negative in my post. I just find it incredible that myself, friend and daughter suffered badly with various aliments but are ever so keen to return. Hi Jim, exciting for you both. I'm sorry I made it sound somewhat negative. Believe me the joys absolutely outweigh any...
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    Way to St James Cygnet

    I'm booked for this walk and very much looking forward to it. Hoping borders are open etc After having booked and cancelled in 2020 days and 2021 it will be lovely to walk and talk Camino.

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