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  1. gailsweb

    Dublin to St. Jean - Best route?

    I almost did the same in 2019 from Oz - but flew Dublin Paris Bayonne and stayed near airport at Dublin . I recall the Dublin airport required me to be there very very early to fly out - it’s a huge distance from checking in to boarding - now that was a long trip with lost luggage across...
  2. gailsweb

    Best Camino App for Camino Francés

    Trekright is an app that has provided this feature with an excellent progress graphic that I can even read without reading glasses - 🤓 it was great to use on the Frances and they also have other caminos on it. I believe it is a community app created by a couple of long distance hikers. Also...
  3. gailsweb

    Help With Shoes for Over Pronation

    Hi there - I have walked a couple of caminos and over pronate and have had a couple of foot surgeries- Altra I have tried and they don’t work for me because of zero drop and Merrill’s men’s seemed wide enough but were too hard and uncomfortable for me (my husband love’s them) - I ended up with...
  4. gailsweb

    Bottom bunks

    This was usually my experience - if you ask nicely and look like you need it! I could walk up to 30kms a day (very slowly) but getting up and down a ladder rung without shoes - near impossible!
  5. gailsweb

    sock cleaning

    I concur!
  6. gailsweb

    Photography equipment?..

    Fwiw the rx100 can be charged with micro usb lead to camera - no need for extra charger - I love the mk7
  7. gailsweb

    Headlamp question

    Black diamond iota - lightweight- usb recharge - I’ve used last couple of caminos - I’d recommend it - never turned on in dorm
  8. gailsweb

    Swimming pool in april/may?

    Depends on your love of swimming- I always carry swimmers and you may have the opportunity to swim indoors as well if you want to eg Najera Pamplona. I often jumped in when others thought it too cold. I love a bit of hydrotherapy after a long day on the camino!
  9. gailsweb

    How do you use such a small pack?!?

    Fwiw I have an Osprey tempest 40 and an Osprey eja 38 and find the eja 38 definitely fits more in - I go for comfort and weight before focusing on litres - my favourite was actually an old aura 60 that packed down well but sadly deteriorated after many years of use and the new ag frame had...
  10. gailsweb

    Question (about walking poles) for older walkers

    I changed from pacer poles because I found myself leaning on them too much and wrists going numb - i prefer leki antishock and use wrist straps always
  11. gailsweb

    Blogging tool for a non-blogger?

    Great blog - btw to get to the beginning on the phone people could just use WordPress search bar and type “next big adventure” or “st Jean”
  12. gailsweb

    Tour du Mont Blanc resources

    How challenging is this “walk”? Friends have walked small sections
  13. gailsweb

    How to use 2-factor ID for banking while traveling with a foreign SIM card

    In 2015 I had used a Spanish sim and encountered verified by visa - something I had no option to choose or opt in or out of (or even know when it was going to happen) as it’s decided by visa not my bank ! It sent a text to my home mobile phone which was not roaming and because I didn’t respond...
  14. gailsweb

    Fire Safety in Albergues

    When volunteering at Najera we locked people out but we physically checked the fire exit doors still opened from the inside - there was no alarm that we could see. While on the Ingles I was given my own key to an albergue and was asked to lock it from both the inside and outside to ensure the...
  15. gailsweb

    Trekking Poles Tips

    My Leiki poles have left and right straps
  16. gailsweb

    Spanish language question

    Not only in America - I think it’s fair to say English speakers generally use different tones for meaning
  17. gailsweb

    Bed sheets

    Not being crafty in any way shape or form I managed to sew a couple of snap fasteners to my down sleep throw and liner - worked a treat - And yes been bitten by bedbugs in private rooms and Albergues on camino, saw them daily as hospitalera, and assisted many pilgrims suffering from the...
  18. gailsweb

    Searching for the perfect hiking pole

    By contrast I used pacers on my first camino but found myself with numb hands each night and sore wrists- no doubt from needing ( incorrectly) to rely on them for stability and support on uneven terrain. The leki folding micro variable with shock absorbers and Nordic rubber tips have been with...
  19. gailsweb

    Another mystery photo

    Sadly it’s becoming harder to find gps in camera- my sony hx90v has it but the new rx1007 uses my phone - annoying on camino when I don’t want to leave my phone on !
  20. gailsweb

    portable keyboard for phone?

    Definitely like to use my plastic slide so it doesn’t fold while typing (and it holds phone) but unfortunately came with a different keyboard we use at home with the tv - but otherwise no problem with gap - I am a touch typer

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