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    Resting in Burgos

    Used this recommendation and saw Carlos yesterday at his Hands on Physiotherapy at Calle Vitoria 37-39 (closer to 39 next the pharmacy.) He is extraordinarily excellent diagnostician and interventionist. He may or may not cure your problem but you will leave confident you know what can be done...
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    ? compeed type blister patches in Spanish pharmacies along the Camino Frances

    Do Spanish Pharmacies along the Camino Frances carry compeed type blister patches?
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    Michelangelo painting in Logrono

    I understand from the book the Pilgrimage Road to Santiago that there is a Michelangelo painting of the crucifixion in the Iglesia de Santa Maria la Redonda. It is said to be in a vault behind the altar--you need to put in a coin to see it. A google search confirmed that it is there though one...
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    Backpacks only policy in Albergues: A common restriction?

    Hello fellow Pilgrims. My wife and I reserved a double room in an Albergue in Hospital de Orbigo in June--we are walking from St. Jean to Santiago de Compostela. We will be using luggage transfer--we are each 72 this year with knee and back issues. After the reservation through the...
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    Staying in Irache vs Ayegui vs Estella

    We are considering walking the alternate route from Villatuerta through Zaraputz. It appears to bypass Estella and rejoing the main Camino about 1.5km beyond the Irache Monastery and Winery--so we would have to backtrack if we wanted to see that. Any comments on potentially staying in Irache...
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    Availability of taxis and buses along the Way--how possible is this to find if needed?

    Appreciate your precise clarification. Much appreciated.
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    Availability of taxis and buses along the Way--how possible is this to find if needed?

    Hello Pilgrims. My wife and I are doing our first Camino at age 70 with creaky knees and all. We have been mountain day hikers in the Cascades and Olympics in the state of Washington where we live. We decided to plan the whole Camino and book lodging as we wanted to assure staying in private...
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    I made it one day- what I wished I had understood more clearly

    Thanks for your post--very helpful. You wrote: "At no point are you further than 2 km - less than 1 1/2 miles - away from an inhabited village and/or a road that a taxi can take to pick you up." I have been trying to find numbers for taxi services and have not yet found ones that pick up as...
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    Road from Col Leopolder to Ibaneta

    Superb explanation and maps. Thank you. Much appreciated. What has been confusing, that you have clarified, is the criss-crossing of the road by the path with multiple branch points. So there is an option when the Way first meets NA-2033: you can just take the road and loop around or you can...
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    Road from Col Leopolder to Ibaneta

    Thanks. In the lower picture what is the road on the left? I am confused by this because at the top the easier way is to the right and it looks like a paved road. In the lower photo the right way is a dirt path
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    Road from Col Leopolder to Ibaneta

    Thanks to all, much appreciated. Buen Camino. Ultreia!
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    Road from Col Leopolder to Ibaneta

    Thank you! I love your guidebook. How do I get a copy? What is the title?
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    Road from Col Leopolder to Ibaneta

    Thank you! I assume that “NA-2033” is the number of the road to Ibaneta?
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    Road from Col Leopolder to Ibaneta

    Thank you! I love your book— how do I get one? What is the title?
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    Road from Col Leopolder to Ibaneta

    Due to creaky knees we are planning to take the less steep route from Col Leopolder on the Route Napoleon that goes to Ibaneta. Is the way to this road well-marked from the top?

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