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  1. maryalex

    When do most pilgrims feel like quitting the Camino de Santiago?

    On my first Camino (SJPP to Santiago), I thought about quitting in Burgos. Once I decided to continue, I never felt that way again, even though I got very sick toward the end. On my second camino, (SJPP to Finisterre), I never felt like quitting.
  2. maryalex

    How Important Was It To You To Do "Full" CF ?

    It was very important to me. In 2019, I started in SJPP and as I neared Santiago, I got a bronchial infection. I kept walking, but finally had to taxi the last two stages into Santiago (turned out I had pneumonia). I returned in 2021, again started in SJPP and walked on to Finisterre. I was...
  3. maryalex

    Private accommodations in SJPP for Camino walk with immuno-compromised daughter

    Gite Makila. 3 doors from the Pilgrim Office and right across the street from Beilari. I had the most wonderful stay there in Sept 2021. It's a bed and breakfast.
  4. maryalex

    Caution of Ignoring "Listen to your body" rule

    My mentor always told me, "If you don't slow down, the Camino WILL slow you down." I didn't listen very well. Got a bronchial infection, went to the clinic for antibiotics and kept walking - until I couldn't & taxied in for the last two stages to Santiago. When home & at the doctor, learned I...
  5. maryalex

    After the Camino

    I arrived home three weeks ago after walking from SJPP to Santiago and on to Finisterre. I stayed in a hotel on the beach a little south of the city, so when I wanted to dine or look around, I had to take a 5 euro taxi into town, but that was fine with me. I had a deck/balcony and just enjoyed...
  6. maryalex

    OBSOLETE COVID THREAD Waiting for Spain Covid QR code.

    Exactly. Once I hit the 48 hour mark, I could complete and submit. Then got my code in email within minutes.
  7. maryalex

    The queues in Santiago

    Those were my thoughts. I wasn't going to frame it. I have photos and memories. I started from SJPP, but as it happened, got sick during the last few stages, so taxied in to Santiago - didn't qualify for a compostela anyway. Although it was disappointing not to walk into Santiago, I was not that...
  8. maryalex


    I have gotten my booster (I depart for Spain Sept 1).. remember, it takes about a week for the booster to come up to its max efficacy.
  9. maryalex

    Trekking Poles Tips

    If you have Black Diamond poles, tips are not available. I know, because that's what I had & the fellow in.. Burgos, maybe? told me tips for BD are not to be found in Spain, but he offered to fit some others by filling in the gaps with some sort of stuffing. I now have Leki - pieces readily...
  10. maryalex

    OBSOLETE COVID THREAD Passenger locator form

    If I am recalling correctly, you also need your seat assignment, but if you've gotten your flight, there will be a seat assignment (which you can probably update later).
  11. maryalex

    Day pack questions

    I used Jacotrans from Roncesvalles to Santiago without a single problem. This time, my daypack is slightly more substantial than what I used in 2019. This fall I'll be taking the Gregory Maya 16; I like all the adjustments I can make & it is very comfortable for me. I'm wondering why you need...
  12. maryalex

    What's Your Go-To CF Shoe?

    Actually, I found some other descents trickier than the Pyrenees! Steep descents with round rolling rocks in ravines, for example. I wore boots. I'll wear boots this fall, too. Mine were WP & are again. In 2019, I wore Oboz Bridgers - this time LaSportiva. I'm loving the Sportivas! However, I'm...
  13. maryalex

    New digital Credential is introduced from the Cathedral.

    Thank you for your quick response. I don't have trouble paying Ivar but there is something more needed for this transaction. I don't leave until September (hopefully), so there is time to figure this out. Thanks again.
  14. maryalex

    New digital Credential is introduced from the Cathedral.

    I've downloaded the app and registered everything but I can't get the payment to go through. I keep getting a message that says: ERROR: The store has a filter which does not permit this operation. [Bines by country] Did you have any issues with payment?
  15. maryalex

    Gonna leave for Spain Sept 1 2021

    I have an Iberia flight to PNA (Pamplona). I'm staying the night in Pamplona.. then I have not yet decided my transport from Pamplona to SJPP. Frankly, I'm thinking of asking the hotel what they consider to be the most efficient. Last time, I flew into Paris, then a flight to Biarritz, then a...
  16. maryalex

    Gonna leave for Spain Sept 1 2021

    I have airfare to leave the US on Sept 1, 2021 (refundable fare!). To Madrid > Pamplona> SJPP (with some rest/layover days). Start walking Sept 5. Of course... there is the big "IF" :)
  17. maryalex

    September Frances

    I also have a flight booked out of Newark (departs 7:30pm) Sept 1 and arrives in Madrid the next morning. I'm going on to Pamplona and will relax and take a jet lag day. A day in SJPP is always a good time, too. It's a refundable ticket. We shall see!
  18. maryalex

    St. Jean to Burgos

    One of my favorite segments. I've recommended this segment multiple times.
  19. maryalex

    Digital Brierley Guide?

    I tore out my pages but didn't buy a 2nd copy for the shelf. I figured the next time I went, I'd buy the latest version. And that is the case! I do have other guides in the shelf that I didn't take with me, but alas, no Brierly from 2019. Just little groups of pages tossed in the trash along the...
  20. maryalex

    Icebreaker Merino Shirts - Now a Blend - Alternatives?

    I wore Smartwool 150 short sleeve and long sleeve on a Sept/Oct Frances. And I've worn them for two more years. I don't throw them in the dryer, but they seem to be indestructible. Although I don't buy the zip styles, I can attest to the quality (and quick drying quality) of the fabric.

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