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    Less Crowded Early September?

    Hi Mosesmew, Re: your inquiry as to flight tickets to the camino. We are using our aeroplan points and are flying to Paris and returning from Madrid. Booked our flights before the Hst tax comes into effect. (July 1st). Isnt this a great forum? I am getting so much information that I am...
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    Less Crowded Early September?

    Hi, I am very interested in the responses for your question as we are planning to walk the camino from Sept 4 to Oct. 4th. Maybe we will run into each other. We are coming from Vancouver, Canada. Older couple 61 and 65. Looking so forward to it!!
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    Percetage of pilgrims.

    My husband and I will also be doing the entire camino from sjpp , starting Sept 4. Hoping to do by Oct 4, maybe we will meet. We are from Vancouver, Canada.
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    water sources on route

    We will be doing the camino Frances in September and would like to know re: water supply. If we carry 2 bottles with us , is there places where we can refill on route? Or do we make sure we have enough to last us for the whole day? We will be bringing stainless steel bottles with us.
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    Class of 2010

    My husband and I will be doing the Camino Frances in the first week of September and hopefully get to Santiago by Oct.4th. I am really excited the more I read books and the more I visit this forum. Will the crowds be mostly in the summer months? Especially in July as it is the month of St...
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    How to get a Pilgrim Passport

    thank you. will this suffice or will I need a pilgriim's passport too? If so, can I get this ahead of time too?
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    How to get a Pilgrim Passport

    Hi everyone, will be doing the walk in September but would like to get the pilgrim passport in advance. I live in Canada. Can anyone advise me as to how to go about it? GRACIAS,

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