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  1. Terry Callery

    Personal security

    If you look at comparitive crime statistics you will see that Spain has a fraction of the crime as here in the United States. Still I wore a money belt under my shirt on all three caminos.
  2. Terry Callery

    Giving Up on the Primitivo

    The 150 story building comparison is simply physics - foot/pounds = work. Elevating one pound up one foot is 1 foot/pound of work. Climbing 600 meters with a 220 lb body is twice the work (as defined in Physics) as climbing 300 meters and four times the work as climbing just 150 meters like when...
  3. Terry Callery

    Poll Why are you walking the camino?

    One can learn a great deal about the magnetism of the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage simply by listening to the stories of those who walk it. I discovered four general categories of people who had been drawn to the Camino. I always get asked this question. What did you find on your Camino? I...
  4. Terry Callery

    Searching for the perfect hiking pole

    Actually since you are conserving energy by Chi Walking - I found I could take less recovery breaks. And walk more than two hours with no breaks. Thus while you may be walking slower - you make good time with fewer recovery stops/ The breathing for me became deeper--- slower and more regular -...
  5. Terry Callery

    On the Camino: One Day at a Time, one Photo at a Time 4.0.

    Taken at the start of the Primitivo is a stature in front of the Cathedral (Camera Santa Room with all the relics) of Alfonso II (The Chaste It was the start of the Camino.
  6. Terry Callery

    Searching for the perfect hiking pole

    Hiking poles are a Western appoach. "More power Scotty" / Star Trek! They will increase your cardio and respiration. Sometimes the best decisions are the ones you do not make. The most energy expended per hour in Olympic competitors are by Nordic skiers - using both arms and legs. The Eastern...
  7. Terry Callery

    Excited and Daunted

    The Primitivo is very difficult with lots of elevations to tackle out of most stops. It almost killed me at 64 years old. Steep climbs and valleys of the Cantebrian Mountains. Think about the flatter Portuguse Route. Asturias is Cowboy Country.... Lots of meat. Best seafood is had on the...
  8. Terry Callery

    Information wanted about Camino Portugues

    The Portuguse Route is flatter, the food is way better, the people are friendlier, the language more lyrical. Best stop was Templar Castle. Best meal was roast suckling pig in Mealhada, Less pilgrims -then again I went in February.
  9. Terry Callery

    One Line of Poetry

    One Line Poetry to describe the Camino Experience: The Infinite Moment Infinate Horizon Now One day at a time. Be Still and know that I am God. Being in the Moment The Great Silence More than one Line.............................Lennon Imagine All the People Imagine there's no heaven...
  10. Terry Callery

    Camino Bibliography

    Sadly, most books about the Camino are memiors and are quite similar. I walked all day, got blisters, fellow pilgrims helped, sleeped at an albergue, fat guy from France snorned. Had some self doubt about going the entire distance, but over came it. Met cool guy from New Zeland who was into...
  11. Terry Callery

    Poll Which Camino are you planning next?

    Poles are antithetical to the " one man - one Camino philosophy" It is a unique experience. I do get the sociological effort - but you will not find any real truth in it. The Camino is not a telescope - is a microscope. It is about deeply personal narritive. Those who know, do not say...
  12. Terry Callery

    Trying to work out the length of my camino for flights

    I used AAA Travel to make my airline reservations as well as to purchase trip insurance. I flew Jet Blue from Portland Maine to JFK on February 29, leaving at 12:35 p.m. and landing at 1:52, which cost $119 one way. The flight from JFK to Madrid was Iberia 6250 on an Airbus A 330-300 which...
  13. Terry Callery

    The Best Clothing ? And the winner is....

    Alpaca Socks Frog Togg Rain Gear - ultra-light- like tyveck Columbia Water-Proof Sneakers Eddie Bauer Polar Fleece Top Always bring button-down Brooks Brothers dress shirt for dinner - don't want to look like a "jogger".
  14. Terry Callery

    Does anyone else dream about A Camino?

    Of course we dream every 90 minutes in sleep during the REM Period ---but many of us do not remember our dreams. Freud (The Interpretaion of Dreams) talked about incorporating the "daily residue" into the narrative of our dreams. If you wanted to interprete this dream - it is essentially an...
  15. Terry Callery

    LIVE from the Camino Lisbon to Porto

    Those winter Caminos are tough - but you are tougher---- I did three in Febuary - Caminos were deserted in the winter - very lonely. Eventually=== you will conect to others and they will lift you up. Call ahead to - Take a taxi and skip a section if no accomdations. Go to Gronze to...
  16. Terry Callery

    LIVE from the Camino Lisbon to Porto

    The trick to walking on the cobbled roads in Portugal -- is to walk at the extreem edge of the road. Were the Cobbles are covered with sand and dirt - way less irregular pressure on the feet. Flatter there. Go to the sides of the roads/ do not walk up the middle. It is not a sin--- to take a...
  17. Terry Callery

    LIVE from the Camino Lisbon to Porto

    The word “Sé” refers to the governing center, or “seat,” of the district where the church is located. The Vatican is therefore located at the Holy See in Rome, or the “holy chair,” designating an ecclesiastical jurisdiction. The Sé Cathedral’s construction began in the twelfth century, and the...
  18. Terry Callery

    LIVE from the Camino Lisbon to Porto

    We pilgrims get a lot of slack from others. Both locals and other pilgrims. They give us discounts at their hotels. Sometimes they do our laundry for free. Pilgrims help others lug their stuff. They (locals) put out water for us. Other walkers-- kindly listen to our problems. They share food -...
  19. Terry Callery

    LIVE from the Camino Lisbon to Porto

    Stay at the Poet's Inn in Porto

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