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    Please review my packing List

    I’d take only 2 bras it’s warm now and it will dry. On the meds, personally I’d take less. I’d add hikers wool instead of bandaids especially in this heat. Take only the section of the the book you needs. I see you have the backpack cover as TBD - it’s take it. I used a long sleeve under my...
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    Camino Portugues starting in Porto

    2 favorite albergues on the camino portugués costal Must goes for me @Oia La Cala - A Pilgrim's Inn (641) 780-5363 @ padrón which for me was the last stop so it was great to stay at a nice place. Camiño da Vieira +34 696 79 09 65...
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    Camino Portugues starting in Porto

    Just walked it in June…happy to share any notes if you’d like.
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    Gregory Zulu 40L as carry on.

    If it helps I carried my Osprey 36 L as carry on last week in the smaller planes Netherlands to Oporto with no problem or questioning.
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    Solo Coastal Route June 2022

    I just finished last week- pack light and long sleeve for the sun. There were a funny super hot days. Check the weather it is raining now. Oía - La Cala A Pilgrims Inn is the best albergue in my entire tour. Stay there if you can. And in Padrón area Camiño de Viera another great albergue…...
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    Female safety in Portugal vs. Spain

    Guarda civil is 062- you’ll have to figure out how to give them the coordinates of where you are and they will be there shortly. Safe travels.
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    LIVE from the Camino Coastal Route June 2022

    La Cala at Oía between A guarda and Bayona was a treat. If you can book there you can get a room with two beds. Buen Camino. I am a few stops ahead of you.
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    Creams, sprays, ointments... AGGGHH!

    I am doing the Portugués Coastal right now…. Tomorrow is day 6 and so far no blisters or issues. I don’t use any ointments on my feet. Double socks (with liner) worked for first few hours but got too warm after noon these last few warm days. I have been using every Waterfall or fountain to cool...
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    First timer - One week to walk the Camino

    I am currently on the Camino Portuguese via the coast and it seems manageable on a week depending on where you start. You can fly to Porlto in Portugal and take a bus to the point where you think you can amante a weeks of walk. Buen Camino- however and wherever you make it happen!
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    How many days walking from Porto to Santiago?

    For me this it is challenging. I’ve done day hikes but not so many in a row and with a multi day backpack. I look forward to hearing of your Camino.
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    How many days walking from Porto to Santiago?

    You can fly to Porto and I would say 10 days. I plan to start from A Guardia, just on the other side of the border on the Spain side and it’s 8 days.
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    LIVE from the Camino Day 1, Camino Portugués Central

    I will do the coastal route- nice to see the reports. I think I’d prefer less crowds so nice choice.
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    LIVE from the Camino Day 1, Camino Portugués Central

    Keep us posted I will do the coastal in June!
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    Pilgrim's Passport - Stamp from the issuing organization + first stamps in Porto

    I didn’t know that. Good to know. 2 stamps per day -
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    OBSOLETE COVID THREAD COVID Test Timing Question from US (Flying Boston > Porto)

    I would be surprised if CVS takes 72 hours to give you the results back. I'd ask them what their typical turnaround is--I'd guess same day.
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    LIVE from the Camino Solo Camino: Began in Porto (coastal)

    @Gii I will do the coastal June 8. What application did you use for keeping track of maps and booking hotels. Also, for sleeping do you need more than a liner? I enjoyed your photos seems like a great Camino.
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    Help with blisters!

    I bought hiker wool in Netherlands 100 grams 8€ here is the website.
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    Solo Coastal Route June 2022

    @Lillie I will be on the same trail. I plan to start June 8 at A Guardia.

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