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  1. McAleerSherry

    Hiking from LePuy in April. Advice needed!

    We went from 25 April-24May 2008. There was snow on 30 April between Aumont-Aubrac and Nasbinals, so we stopped 10 kilometers short. At that tine we learned that you should make reservations daily starting May 1 as hiking season really picks in France after that point. A few days of rain, but...
  2. McAleerSherry


    We made the trip in May 2008, so information is dated. Having done the Chemin St. Jacques (GR 65) we were in decent shape, but found we had run out of steam by Larrasoana. The municiple albergue did not appear to be an option, so thought about going on, but the next listed albergue was Trinidad...
  3. McAleerSherry

    GITE HOSPITALET SAINT JACQUES Reopens March 15th 2018

    We stayed with you in May 2008 and are very sorry to see you close. Thanks agin and best of luck.
  4. McAleerSherry

    Thoughts and Questions about Camino Le Puy

    We are six years out of date, but others have addressed this question in earlier posts and have provided very good responses. In general, our most expensive daily cost was lodging, followed closely by meals. We stayed at hotels in France at least twice as reservations elsewhere were not...
  5. McAleerSherry

    Thoughts and Questions about Camino Le Puy

    We started on 25 April 2008 from the cathedral in LePuy. One day of snow (30 Apr) between Nasbinal and Aumont- Aubrac. Otherwise lowest temperature was about 40 degrees F. Unlike some coming from Geneva, we did not take snow gear or gloves and got along well, except for one rainy and cold day on...
  6. McAleerSherry

    Thankfully continuing once again

    Buen Camino, and thanks for all you have provided in your blogs of previous journies.
  7. McAleerSherry

    the hardest part

    This entry captures my feelings very well also. Having "left" the camino in June 2008, I found that I have still not "recovered." :arrow:
  8. McAleerSherry

    Camino Slideshow.

    Thanks a lot. The photographs are remarkable. :arrow:
  9. McAleerSherry


    It is good to hear someone had a good experience at the beginning of the season. We tried the alberque on 26 May 2008. The dread "senora attitude" stamping passports, however, turned us off as did the sight of the overflow and absence of food in the village as the bar was closed on Luneses...
  10. McAleerSherry

    My photo album

    This is a remarkable collection of photographs. Thanks very much for sharing. We went 25 April-25 June 2008 from LePuy, a very wet time, and neglected to bring camera. Consequently the physical part of our journey is not well documented. Looking at photos from dry days helps us with the...
  11. McAleerSherry

    Plans are Place!

    Not sure, but we took the train back from Santiago to Vitoria in June 2008. Enroute we passed through Ponferrada and Astorga and Leon. The RENFE website may provide route information if the train going the other direction passes through these towns. :?:
  12. McAleerSherry

    Plans are Place!

    We went in June 2008 taking twelve days: Leon - Hospital (long) Hospital-Astorga (short) Astorga-Rabanal (moderate) Rabanal-Ponferrada (long) Pontferrada-Trabadelo (long) Trabadelo-O Cebreiro (moderate) O Cebreiro-Samos (long but downhill much of the way) Samos-Portomarin (long and somewhat hot)...
  13. McAleerSherry

    Baggage transfers le Puy route?

    Would like to reiterate that this service is also available in an unplanned emergency. We found in April/May 2008, that gite reservations were essential after May Day. It was often advisable to make reservations for several days in row. This situation locked one in to making a certain distance...
  14. McAleerSherry

    Favorite gites (private and municipal) Le Puy to SJPP???

    We stayed at the large gite in the abbey at Conques during the first week in May 2008. The first night was in a large dortir with about twenty other pelerins. Reinforced by a cold, one of us managed to alienate several fellows with his snoring. So we spent another night to recover and got to...
  15. McAleerSherry

    Association Grand Seminaire-Accueil Saint Georges

    I think that this is where we stayed when we arrived on 24 Avril 2008. For some reason, there was no train from St. Etienne. Instead, there was a bus so we did not get in until something like 1900. We met a Swiss pelerein on the way who showed us where to go. The office was open then and we met...
  16. McAleerSherry

    What was the least favorite section of the Le Puy route?

    This is a real tricky question as we did not have any bad portions during our thirty days in April-May 2008. The LePuy to Conques would be unmissable. Although there were bad days (long, wet, etc.) the rest of the way to Moissac was grand. The might be a few etapes in between there and St...
  17. McAleerSherry

    Roughly how long does it take to walk from Le Puy to Santiag

    We did it in sixty-one days from 25 April to 25 June 2008, with two days off in Conques and Leon in Spain. Our main reasons to slow up were a cold, blisters, and rainy wet weather across Navarra and La Rioja provinces that year. We did allow eight days for a fudge factor before flying home...
  18. McAleerSherry

    You Tube Video_ Le Puy to Cahors

    Thanks a lot for pointing this out. It brings back great memories. :D
  19. McAleerSherry

    Getting nervous

    I am afraid that we hit the exhiliration point as we reached the airport. Nervousness only crept in on a few bad etapes (albergues, etc.), which only confirmed how great the rest of the pilgrimage was. Except, perhaps, for language barriers there are no real problems other than physical ones...
  20. McAleerSherry

    Cost of accommodation from Le Puy to SJPDP?

    We took the Chemin St. Jacques 25 April-25 May 2008. The prices have undoubtedly increased since then, but our prices were consistent with which others have mentioned. Until you get Miam Miam Dodo, you might try their selective website...

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