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    Santiago Midday Mass Today (5th June)

    Hi please can you confirm if the midday mass is being held in the cathedral today, 5th June 2022. I saw an article on a website that started it has moved to another chapel due to restoration works in the cathedral but I was not sure if it was an old article. Please can someone also confirm the...
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    Bag transfer collection time

    Ok thanks that makes sense but we are staying in a few Casa’s and Pensiones so would not always apply to us hence wondering if we can get a later collection
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    Daypack for short person with short back!

    Hi I am looking for a 18l daypack with an airflow/air zone system that fits someone 5ft 2 with a short back! I have just tried the Lowe Alpine Airzine ZND 18 and it doesn’t fit! When I fit the belt strap around my hips, the shoulder straps don’t sit on my shoulders … there is a 2’inch gap even...
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    Bag transfer collection time

    Hi we are looking to book a bag transfer company for the Frances. The first company we contacted wants our bags to be ready by 8am each morning.. is that standard across all companies offering this service?
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    Water availability Sarria to Santiago

    Hi, please can you tell me the availability of water refill opportunities on the stretch from Sarria ? Trying to gauge how much we need to carry with us. Starting 30th May 2022. Thanks
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    New Youtube channel with helper vids on Camino, feedback and suggestions please.

    Hey Mike, Just watched your Videos and we really enjoyed them ..very informative for us newbies! We would like to see a video on baggage transfer options if possible please and which types of accommodation you can ship to and which ones accommodate that service. The other video that would be...

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