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  1. MarcCramer

    New record in August with 54 764 Compostelas

    This amount is fantastic. Hope its not as busy when I go on 15th September. Can anyone help me with a transport question? I will arrive in Barcelona at 08h30 on 16th September. I need to catch a bus or train to Pamplona as I have booked accomodation for that night. Can anyone help with info on...
  2. MarcCramer

    Free Spanish Phrasebook to help you along The Camino

    Thank you Robert. Im sure it will be handy on my walk. I am starting on 16th September 2010 from Pamplona. I cant wait!
  3. MarcCramer

    Camino Passport

    Hi Sillydoll and Hamilton Thank you very much for the info. I will join here in SA as it is a lot cheaper and easier. Thanks again. I can't wait
  4. MarcCramer

    Camino Passport

    Hi Does anyone know if I can obtain a "credential" in South Africa or how to obtain it before I reach Barcelona. I will travel by train to Pamplona from where I will begin the pilgrimage. Any help? Thanks in advance. :oops:
  5. MarcCramer

    harpist on the road

    Hi Martha, Please forgive me for calling you Gaye. I was thinking of a friend and mixed it up with your surname. Forgiven?????????! :roll:
  6. MarcCramer

    harpist on the road

    Hi Gaye I am from Centurion in Pretoria, South Africa. It is a great pity you will not be in Spain in mid September, when I am walking the Camino. It would be fantastic to hear you play. Are there many other string instruments played on the way by other pilgrims? Anyone going to be in Pamplona...

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