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  1. suzie morgs

    What is the one Albergue that you would say not to miss

    Just completed my third Camino and stayed at an albergue I would say is one of the best I have stayed in. It was a little holiday while on the camino. At Hospital De Orbigo, Albergue Verde, which is off the track a few hundred metre offers a tranquility and peace not often found on the journey...
  2. suzie morgs

    Start walking the Camino on the 3rd of July, 2012

    We start walking on 6th, staying first night in Orisson so may not catch you! What are you guys doing about accommodation around and in Pamplona- we'll be there during festival of San Fermin? Not long now :D
  3. suzie morgs


    "I picked up a pair of sunglasses today that will cover my regular glasses! " I've just bought a pair of sunglass 'clip ons' that clip onto my normal glasses. Much lighter than a pair of sunglasses- very thin light material. Saves taking two pairs of glasses (one prescription and one...
  4. suzie morgs

    wheat allergy: alternative carbs to bread?

    Hi Merril, Before my second camino, I was diagnosed as Coeliac. That was an interesting journey but I never starved! I lived on eggs ( omlette, frittata, fried etc), fruit and salad. Breakfast was the most difficult meal if no one was available in the bars to cook eggs as coffee and croissants...
  5. suzie morgs

    Accommodation in Pamplona - Early July - ideas?

    Thank Alan. That would be gratefully appreciated. :D
  6. suzie morgs

    Accommodation in Pamplona - Early July - ideas?

    Hi Alan, We realised we were going to be in the same boat as we leave St Jean on 5th July. Our plan is to bus/taxi from Zubiri (or maybe even Roncesvalles) to Cizur Menor to avoid Pamplona and hope that pilgrim accommodation that close to Pamplona won't be affected. We, for the first time, are...
  7. suzie morgs

    Newest pilgrim you'll ever meet :) Need help

    You shouldn't have any problems walking as a solo woman. You will very quickly become part of the Camino family and feel fairly safe. Just exercise common sense with your belongings and personal safety. :D
  8. suzie morgs

    [APRIL FOOL!] Weight restrictions on Camino Frances

    Re: Weight restrictions on Camino Frances Wow! 5kgs is not much. My backpack empty weighs 1.8kgs ( I've tried lighter packs but for some reason they hurt my back), add 2 litres of water and I'm up to 3.8kg - only 1.2 for change of clothing, wet weather poncho, liner, medication, toiletries...
  9. suzie morgs

    Pamplona San Fermin- running of the bulls!

    Thanks Simeon. I think we'll now pack our sleeping mats to open our accommodation options and trust that the Camino will provide. Suzie
  10. suzie morgs

    Pamplona San Fermin- running of the bulls!

    Need the advice of those wise pilgrims who have walked through Pamplona during the festival of San Fermin. We have just realised that we will arrive in Pamplona about July 8-9th. Not sure whether to splurge out and book 2 nights accommodation at incredibly expensive rates to capture the...
  11. suzie morgs

    Orisson: To stop or not to stop?

    Thank you Al. Gracias.
  12. suzie morgs

    Orisson: To stop or not to stop?

    Sounds a good plan. We would love to stay at Orisson this time too as we did the big walk last time, which was fabulous, but want the Orisson experience that I keep reading about in the forum. Can you book into Orission online? I have found a phone number but would like to manage it by email.
  13. suzie morgs


    What absolutely stunning photos. I'll try and be brave about creative shots when I head back next week. I have the usual shots (which I treasure). Thank you for sharing. Suzie
  14. suzie morgs

    Any Indication Yet of How Busy Holy Year Will Be?

    What's the latest on how busy things are? I arrive Sarria 23rd October. Not sure if crowds have settled or to expect busier than usual. Thanks Suzie
  15. suzie morgs

    group size

    I'm taking a group next year as a leadup to world youth day and plan to start in Sarria on about 4th August 2011. We have pre booked accommodation as we don't want to take a large group (20+) into albergues. This will mean that we don't have to rush for a bed or have a group that impacts on the...
  16. suzie morgs

    Advice needed!

    Hi Donegalboy, If your intention is to finish at Santiago then I would recommend that you start in Burgos. If you do walk the whole French Way in 3 weeks you will be doing huge kms each day but I suppose it depends on what you want from your Camino experience. The friendships, landscape and...
  17. suzie morgs

    SJPDP vs Roncesvalles & getting there from Canada

    Hi Muskoka, It is easy from Barcelona as well. We caught the early morning express train from Barcelona, 4.5 hours (Euros 50) and we were in Pamplona. We stayed the night and Caroline (Espress Burricott - link available from this forum) picked us up at the door of our accommodation in Pamplona...
  18. suzie morgs

    What route to take?

    Hi Alkimisten, I'm also walking on my own from Sarria in Oct as I only have one week. What date do you expect to start? I'm probably arriving on the 6.30am train from Madrid on about 22nd Oct and hope to start walking straight away. If our dates overlap we could touch base. Good luck with your...
  19. suzie morgs

    Just a tip on getting to SJPP

    Re: Just a tip Highly recommend Caroline. It made getting from Barcelona to SJPdP easy. We caught the early morning express train from Barcelona, 4.5 hours (Euros 50) and we were in Pamplona. We stayed the night and Caroline picked us up at the door of our accommodation in Pamplona and...
  20. suzie morgs

    Walking the Camino Frances in 16 days?

    Hi Zach, If you have only 16 days and wish to receive your compostela upon completion, I'd advise starting in Leon. It depends on what you want to achieve. It's good advice to start in St Jean and return to complete the rest over a period of years (and many do) but friends have walked from Leon...

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