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  1. DaveJ

    LIVE from the Camino Via Francigena- Lucca to Rome

    I’m planning on hiking the Lucca to Siena section in October 2023. I see that some people train from Lucca to San Miniato. Presumably because it’s more urban oriented. Do you know what the Altopascio to San Miniato section is like? Worth hiking or bypass on the train? I have a limited amount of...
  2. DaveJ

    Del Norte Irun to Bilbao Observations September 2022

    Ed, thanks for sharing your observations. You make an excellent point about adjusting your start time to give you a better chance of hitting a bar before siesta. We ultimately did that but it was difficult for the first few days until we got our rhythm and put the expectations of the Frances...
  3. DaveJ

    Del Norte Irun to Bilbao Observations September 2022

    I My wife and I just spent a week hiking from Irun to Bilbao on the Del Norte. While there is a wealth of information on the Frances I found much less when planning for the Del Norte so I thought it would be helpful to share some of our experiences and recommendations in order to help pilgrims...
  4. DaveJ

    Hokas with wet grip?

    Look into the Hoka Speedgoats. Very comfortable, breathable and lightweight. And they have an aggressive tread as they are built for trails. I section hiked part of the CF last year and they were great. Section hiking the Del Norte with them.
  5. DaveJ

    Hiking poles (please bear with me) need honest advice.

    I am a recent convert to trekking poles. I decided to get them for the Del Norte as it’s known for the tougher terrain. After one training hike with them I became a convert. Much easier to go up and downhills. And faster on the flats. There are a number of instructional videos on proper...
  6. DaveJ

    Need help cutting down on gear/weight in my pack 🙏

    In addition to the previous comment you may want to ditch the guidebook and just use an app as the route is so well marked. Or take pdfs of key sections to store on your phone. Also you don’t need a bandanna if you have a buff. That buff and a hat could keep you warm on a cooler day so you...
  7. DaveJ

    Water availability Sarria to Santiago

    I did that section last October and never carried more than one liter. There are plenty of bars and other places to get water. No long stretches without services. I carried a Sawyer Squeeze water filter but didn’t use it.
  8. DaveJ

    Running shoes, not trail runners

    Agreed. Hoka Speedgoats. Best trail runner I have tried yet. I’ve also had good luck with Brooks Cascades.
  9. DaveJ

    Running shoes, not trail runners

    You can look for trail runners that have rock plates midsole which gives protection without being overly stiff. There are several brands out there that have models with that design.
  10. DaveJ

    Purchasing Train Tickets

    Glad to hear you didn’t have a problem. We attempted multiple times over two days trying different computers and cell phones because we thought that there may be a system or compatibility problem. Well, at least we know there are alternatives if someone else has the same issues that I did.
  11. DaveJ

    Purchasing Train Tickets

    In preparation for my trip in October I went onto the RENFE website and attempted to buy my tickets. The site repeatedly crashed right at the point of payment. So, I tried their phone app. Same result. On top of that it took some experimentation as to how to get data into their required fields...
  12. DaveJ

    Gore tex shoes or boots?

    I don’t think Gortex really adds any value. It does trap some moisture inside the show which can promote blisters. Also when you walk in the rain eventually the water runs down your legs and into the shoes. Gortex traps that water in the shoe as it can’t drain. It think it is best to get a pair...

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