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    Walking the Camino in winter

    Thank you for sharing! It looks so beautiful and quiet!! I'm curious if there were restaurants/grocery stores open along the route? I'm planning to start in Villafranca in December and walk to the coast.
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    Flexible Camino 2 Fisherman's trail

    We did the walk in November of 2021 and loved it! There is definitely loose sand on some stretches. Loose enough to make my legs sore! There were really only two days of the super loose sand though. There were less than 20 people that we saw everyday. We were spaced out, so it was nice and...
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    Which route in January

    Yes. I did that for the portuguese camino when I started looking into this and not many places showed up in the portugal section. Once you entered Spain, there were more options. Based on wonderful feedback from this site, now looking into a different route.
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    Which route in January

    Thank you for your two cents! I am starting to feel a lot better about this idea. Things always seem to work out :)
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    Which route in January

    Wow! Thank you all for your responses! I am hoping to not take a tent. It sounds like you don't anticipate that finding a hotel or guesthouse will be an issue during this time? I will likely start walking on December 30. Do you think I will have a hard time finding a hotel December 30...
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    Which route in January

    Hello - I know it is not the best time of year. However, a late December/January trip works well with my time off from work. I am looking to arrive in Europe around December 28th and am looking for a route of approximately 10 to 14 days. The Portuguese Camino Coastal Route is what I am...

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