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  1. _zoro_

    HOKA warning

    Super advice and not just because I was going to suggest it. If you need at a minimum 4mm drop then padded socks just may get you there and then Altra isn't out of the running. Wedge inserts are incredibly comfortable and a real life saver for those who's achilles can't take the 0 drop. Norda...
  2. _zoro_

    LIVE from the Camino CF-things are not that bad - May 2023

    100%. Did I type 100% because I met 100%.
  3. _zoro_

    Late October camino - travel logistics

    Howdy Frank, My first and only Camino was last year in October/November via SJPP and although I have nothing to compare it to I had zero issues with coffee, stores, food, accommodations, meeting others. It was as fantastic an experience as I could have ever dreamed. I played with "the Camino...
  4. _zoro_

    How many pilgrims do not ask for a Compostela after their Camino?

    I completed the Frances last year and did not register. In my mind it took away from what I wanted to do which was to walk in contemplation, meet some folks along the way and be open to any transformation. I’m not a Christian so I thought it would be silly for me.
  5. _zoro_

    Please plan to stop in Navarrete 8 miles outside of Logrono

    So that you have the opportunity to point it out.
  6. _zoro_

    This botafumeiro business.

    For me the issue isn't how many camino's one walks, or that one could walk another for a different experience and therefor another opportunity for a picture of the botafumeiro, but the the essence of the moment itself captured in the living memory without the visual static of the people holding...
  7. _zoro_

    This botafumeiro business.

    How many times have I been shown "Here's a picture... it really doesn't do it justice... you really had to be there..." or some variation of that? Sometimes you have to be there. In the scheme of things it's not a big deal, but for the sake of the thread and to learn about how others view the...
  8. _zoro_


    Thank you, my bad.
  9. _zoro_


    Fair enough. Thank you for setting me straight.
  10. _zoro_


    Sure I could be wrong but I heard it with my lying ears. Enforced? I know for certain it wasn't because I sat next to a lovely older woman who hadn't seen a pair of hiking boots in a number of years.
  11. _zoro_


    I had no idea what the botafumeiro was and to my absolute delight saw it first hand on Thursday, November 3 at the mid-day mass. I like to break the rules so I feel a little bit hypocritical about reporting that the cell phone recordings are completely out of hand. The rule breaking part is...
  12. _zoro_


  13. _zoro_

    Your Ideal First Aid Kit for the Camino

    Ya'll are ON it. I am such a fly-by-the-seater that I thought a couple of band-aids and I'll be good to go that and I'm a minimalist, but NOPE. I don't know what it is about The Camino, well maybe I do, but my usual go-to's didn't oblige me much and I was chasing my tail on my pilgrimage. In...
  14. _zoro_

    Ten days on the camino, but where to start?

    Would you elaborate by what you mean Suffering the Sarria to Santiago experience? I’m days away from Sarria🥴
  15. _zoro_

    Solo female Camino Frances from October 20th. Guidance welcome!

    The replies are excellent and only to add that today I am 1/3 complete and have seen many sola pilgrims. I can’t imagine any trouble finding someone to accompany you for long stretches, brief sections or brief stretches of long sections. The camaraderie is really something to behold and hard to...
  16. _zoro_

    Needs, wants & desires

    Ya’ll! I feel so grateful for the advice given. I sent my world travel bags to Ivar, I bought a 30 liter pack (I could have gone smaller and was looking for one smaller, but I had to go with what was available.), and adjusted my attitude to one of openness and am having an absolute dynamic and...
  17. _zoro_

    Pre-first camino nerves

    I began from SJPP two days ago and am having a blast! The visuals awaken my spirit for sure beginning with Orion in the morning sky to the horses, cows, sheep, breezes, fellow pilgrims all smilie. It’s so much fun to be part of this tribe. I am totally loving it and can’t imagine that you...
  18. _zoro_

    Planning 40 Days on the Camino Frances

    @Stephan the Painter When you say Pack brutally light would care to expound please? Brutally light is what I'm looking for!
  19. _zoro_

    Needs, wants & desires

    That place looks sweet! Thank you for the link.

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