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    Accommodation Availability

    Don't be too concerned about finding accommodation. Have some faith!!! Isn't that part of the pilgrimage? Many places will only take reservations a day before you arrive and most places don't advertise on one of the accommodation web sites. When your walking you can phone for a place the...
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    Camino From Amsterdam

    Route:: I"m starting in Sint Jacobiparochie, Netherlands on June 10th. and walking through Nijmegan and then down through to Maastricht on one of the Dutch Caminos. At Maastricht this Camino meets the connection to the French GR 5. The connection runs through Belgium and Luxemburg. In France...
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    An unusual Camino by rowing boat and on foot

    Great, however, is promoting awareness of particular causes what the Camino is about? What do we promote next? Doesn't this make it a little too commercial (i.e. your selling something)?
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    Missed opportunities

    Agreed!!!! Once you've decide where to go throw the guide book away and start walking!!
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    Camino Portugués in June in running shoes?

    Hike in Sandals!!!! Over the last few years I hiked the Arles route (from Arles to Spain) , the Le Puy route (from le Puy to Pamplona) and the GR653D (from Briancon to Arles) All these Camino routes are in France, over a variety of terrain. The only thing I've worn are Keen sandals that...
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    Pamplona or Bayonne for an arrival rest day?

    West Jet has a flight to Barcelona. We booked from Barcelona through Toronto to Victoria, on a weeks notice, last fall for under $500 one way. I believe this flight will go from Calgary to Barcelona this summer so you may want to consider this flight.
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    90 days to go and feeling nervous

    Hello Babyboomergirl, With regards to your footwear I would recommend you wear something like the Keen hiking/walking sandals. I've used them (I've gone through a number of pairs) for years, and I hike/walk a lot. These hiking sandals are light weight, breathable and when they get wet they...
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    Where to Find Walking Poles in Leon - Borrowing Options

    Let's look outside the box!! LongRun64 wants to know how he can acquire another set of poles and everyone on this post is assuming that poles are needed. That's fair, however, I'm questioning that assumption and I believe that is also appropriate. Perhaps LongRun64 might want to put some thought...
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    Where to Find Walking Poles in Leon - Borrowing Options

    I understand and that's most appropriate but I believe you understand what I mean. On the Camino it appears that most walkers believe they are a piece of essential equipment that they must have and that's not the case.
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    Where to Find Walking Poles in Leon - Borrowing Options

    Why are they necessary? With one rare exception the thousands of individuals I have hiked with, over the years, have never used them!! (I used to lead trips)
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    Booking Accommodation in Irun for Early June: Tips and Recommendations

    Relax and don't worry about it! I've yet to run into someone who didn't have a place to stay at night!!
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    Where to Find Walking Poles in Leon - Borrowing Options

    Walk without poles!! I'm from the West Coast of Canada in my mid 60s and I've hiked and mountain climbed all my life. It's only in the last few years that I've noticed that everyone believes they needs poles!!! Why? I know everyone has their reasons (there are exceptions) but let's be...
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    Is the Albergue in Roncesvalles a “must”?

    I walked from Saint-Jean-Pied-de Port through Roncesvalles to Espinal in early October 2022. I wasn't interested in sleeping in a huge dorm or being forced to wake up at 6:00 am (even though I get up early) so I avoided staying in Roncesvalles. I did not pre-book but found a place in Espinal...
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    When to start booking accommodations for August 2023

    Thanks for stating what should be said!! The more people book in advance the more people "think" they have to. Relax, enjoy your walk and see where it takes you. I have yet to meet someone who didn't have a place to sleep.
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    Travel health insurance for canadian

    I'm Canadian and I've used my TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite Card. If your below 65 years old the first 21 days of travel are covered and if you travel for a longer period of time you can top up your coverage for up to 60 days. If your over 65 the first 4 days of travel are covered and then you pay...
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    One way

    Agreed!!! I shouldn't make personnel attacks and I apologize for that. With that said I would like to repeat, unequivocally, that bikes and hikers (walkers) should use separate trails (except when there is room for both of them). Those individuals that want to bike the Camino can use the...
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    When to start booking accommodations for August 2023

    As Dennis Pack noted "peace of mind is overrated". Enjoy the adventure and book you accommodation as you travel, like most do! Then you will be walking the Camino!! Consider what happens when too many people pre-book months in advance. The albergues will all be full and the pilgrims on longer...
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    One way

    As a biker you don't have time to encounter anyone as your moving too fast so of course you will not have any issues cohabiting with walkers, however, many walkers have issues cohabiting with bikers!! As a biker, bike the Camino using the EuroVelo #3, The Pilgrams Route. You believe that...
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    When to start booking accommodations for August 2023

    Excellent response!!

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