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  1. mina

    Class of 2008!

    KiwiNomad06: Quite interesting. I checked your blog and we both were at the same night in Roncesvalles. :-) I started from SJPDP 30th of May and I stayed the night between 30th and 31th in Roncesvalles but I think I walked little bit faster than you after that. The morning in Roncesvalles...
  2. mina

    Class of 2008!

    Yes, he was Mick and he is bald. If he was ahead of you then we didn't meet there. I arrived to Santiago 29th of Juny and I flew back home 3th of July. I remember that Mick started too fast and then he started have problems. Because of that shoulder problem he couldn't carry his backpack.
  3. mina

    Class of 2008!

    KiwiNomad06, really ? I wonder have we met too because I met that Australian man many times. Especially in the first week of the Camino. I also met him in the end in Santiago de Compostela when I had been there few days already.
  4. mina

    Class of 2008!

    Hello, Agnes! I ended my first Camino 29th of Juny and I also started from SJPDP. I enjoyed every minute of the Camino. I got many new friends from all over the Europe and I didn't have any problems, so I was very lucky. Good luck to you, Agnes!
  5. mina

    High School Student

    I'll be one day behind you, perhaps we will meet on the Camino. :-)
  6. mina

    Class of 2008!

    No me gusta la cerveza negra pero dos cervezas me parece bueno. Sumachado: You'll start few days earlier than I'll do, so we might not meet there. I will be in Roncesvalles in the beginning of the June and I have a fligt back home 5 weeks later.
  7. mina

    Class of 2008!

    How long have you been studing Spanish? I've studied a year now and I don't understand ALL. I still can't dream in Spanish, but hablo un poco de español. :)
  8. mina

    Members Photos

    Hola, tuulis! It's nice that here are others from Finland too. I am a 44-year-old man from Southern Finland and I'll start my Camino in the end of this month. I spend a week in Maspalomas on last November and I can speak some spanish. I hope that will help me in Spain. Buen camino , tuulis...
  9. mina

    Class of 2008!

    Hello! I am from Finland. I'll start my Camino from SJPDP in the end of this month. I would be ready to leave now, but I still have to wait 10 days.

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