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  1. estorildon

    Doing the Backstroke on the CF

    Pay Basques, it rains a lot.
  2. estorildon

    Money and Bed Bugs Issues

    According to an ancient "urban legend" there was a monastery/hospital somewhere east of Moratinos where the monks regularly stole from pilgrims and then disposed of their victims' bodies in an unmarked graveyard. Reb Scott has been researching this "myth."
  3. estorildon

    Do Spaniards srsly eat this much tuna?

    At San Anton, Oliver and I would buy a big pie and leave it out on the counter for days to munch on. No flies, no worries.
  4. estorildon

    Do Spaniards srsly eat this much tuna?

    Nothing better than tuna empanada!
  5. estorildon

    My Camino ended a few hours ago sadly, need to get back to UK asap

    I had to bail for a similar reason on my Camino in 2019 which I had started in Le Puy and upon arriving in Hontanas, I learned my sister was in the ICU. Fortunately I knew my way around that region after working at San Anton and was able to get to Bilbao early enough in the morning to catch a...
  6. estorildon

    Privacy in the shower

    There are a few and far between albergues where I have stayed where not only are the showers open to all to view but they shared the same space as the urinals and these shower room were co-ed.
  7. estorildon

    Two more holiday weekends coming up - plan accordingly

    Add to that list the various school holidays that rotate on the calendar so that all schools are not out at the same time in France and you have lots of people out and about on hikes, etc.
  8. estorildon

    Walk the D128

    The D-428 is a departmental road and does not pass through Valcarlos, Valcarlos is on the N-135. You could take a taxi from Valcarlos to Orrison via SJPdP and start walking from there.
  9. estorildon

    Currently on the Aragonés?

    I am serving in Canfranc from July 1 to 15. Currently bumping into issues with local transportation, i.e. buses and trains; I assume because of the number of tourists in the region for the start of the Tour de France in Bilbao. I definitely would recommend a visit to St. Juan de la Pena, but the...
  10. estorildon

    When to Arrive at Auberge Orisson?

    Arrive early and grab a lower bunk, for sure! I walked there once with a good friend from Biarritz. I told him it was not like his daily walk along the beach every morning. He tarried and delayed our departure from Biarritz until afternoon, we started walking around 2pm. He had to quit at the...
  11. estorildon

    Payment on Booking .com

    This thread is giving me and "ice scream" headache, we are talking nickels and dimes here folks, if you convert it into USD's! This sound like a bunch of people defending tipping or not tipping servers in Europe.
  12. estorildon

    Public holiday 01 May

    The main issue will be closed shops.
  13. estorildon

    Euro Denominations

    I pocket load of 200 euro notes is not something I would want to carry with me. Any chance one of the currency exchange booths in an airport would be willing to change 200's for smaller notes without a fee?
  14. estorildon

    BBC tv series: "Pilgrimage: The Road Through Portugal" - starts 7 April

    Asking about the coverage in Portugal, will it be broadcast on You Tube simultaneously or a later date? I can not get BBC from my provider.
  15. estorildon

    Size of passport unfolded

    You need to come back to see the answer to your question.
  16. estorildon

    Cooking on the Camino

    The Benedictines in Sahagun promote a communal meal and there is a great place to shop just across the street. Other than that pretty slim options. I remember years ago the knobs on the cooktop in Logrono had been removed to keep pilgrims from cooking.
  17. estorildon

    Size of passport unfolded

    I have attached a photo of 4 of my framed passports. You will see they are not all the same size. There are still 8 more sitting on a shelf which I have no plan to display.
  18. estorildon

    Botafumeiro - can you smell the incense?

    It almost drowns out the body odor of your fellow pilgrims who haven't properly washed their clothes for the past several months.
  19. estorildon

    Early morning coffee

    A notable alternative is to pack a few sticks of the Necafe soluable packets and mix with some hot water.
  20. estorildon

    A Change in the distance requirement?????

    For all of your good deeds in life, not merely for walking the Camino.

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