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    Taxi from Pamplona to Roncesvalle

    We just got the Pamplona and arrived at the Train station. We are taking a local bus to the main bus station. We are trying to get to Roncesvalle. I would like to get to Roncesvalle ASAP in order to see the museum. I have the name and phone number one taxi driver who is unavailable. I will try...
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    Do you have any advice for potential flight disruption?

    Unfortunately, I suspect you don't travel a lot. You have 2 big no-no's: 1. You can look on Expedia, Travelocity, or other sites but NEVER book through them. It can be hard to get through to them for help. 2. NEVER, EVER use 2 different airlines unless you absolutely must. If you are...
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    Strategy on staying more than one night in a town

    I can think of 2 two reasons, why a Pilgrim's may switch from one place to the other in the same town. First, it's a Pilgrim's is not quite familiar with the system, and after the first night, finds out that they can't spend a second night. Secondly, if money is really really tight, so the...
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    Leaving Leon - take a taxi to the outskirts????

    I also found that area to be run down and, as a female, I personally would make sure I'm walking with someone, or near another hiker. But it wouldn't keep me from walking it. The alternative route through Mazarife sounds wonderful (but you still have to go through some of the industrial area).
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    Flights home after Camino

    It depends on many factors and you did not say what country you are from (travel time) or how fit you are for hiking. In addition, you might want to see if there is any charge for changing an airline date. This is how I did it (I am from the US): 2 days travel 33 days hiking if going by the John...
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    Taxi from Pamplona to Roncesvalles late April

    Thank you. Coach fare is much cheaper but doesn't leave until 4 PM, so I will get a taxi so I can get to Roncesvalles in time to tour around some.
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    Luggage transport

    Wow, things have really changed since I last walked about 8 years ago. That being said, I also like to carry my backpack--but of my 3 trips, on one I was so sick that I couldn't carry it. And years ago there was prejudice against those who didn't carry their backpacks--ie: looks from others and...
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    Santiago to Leon backwards?

    Everyone else has pretty much said it. Travel from East to West. I would recommend Sarria to Santiago then see if you truly want to go further. Or in case you have an injury that limits you. I have heard that there is indeed a weight limit on the bag service. Hopefully someone will post what the...
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    Taxi from Pamplona to Roncesvalles late April

    I have always travelled from Pamplona to Roncesvalles by bus but this year I’m considering traveling by taxi/Uber. I cannot find any information as to what the price may be. Does anyone have any information about the approximate or previous cost that this has been? TY
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    Pamplona airport to St Jean Pied de Port 24 April 2023

    I always fly into Madrid then take a train to Pamplona. There are usually a few pilgrims on the train and at the Pamplona train station that want to share a taxi (The train station is also the bus station). I don't know about the Pamplona airport. And some people take 1 day off in Pamplona once...
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    Is 1 hr 15 min layover sufficient at Frankfurt airport for connecting flight to Biarritz with Lufthansa?

    Absolutely not. There are too many variables to consider, as previously described. If you use the same airline for all legs of the flight, and the leg leaving from Frankfurt has multiple flights that day, after your flight, then you could consider rolling the dice, and hope there are openings on...
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    Treking poles Santiago airport.

    Just like some have noted above, once I was able to pack my poles inside of my checked bag (in the US). Another time they required it be put in a special sized box—which they didn’t have but luckily we were able to tape together 2 smaller boxes. I was so close to not being able to get them on...
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    How to get to the Camino from the U.S. - Atlanta to SJPDP and Santiago to Atlanta.

    I have done 3 trips on the Camino Frances. I always flew into Barcelona, train to Pamplona (note you have to get to the train station in Barcelona but it is not too far and once I just walked it). Once in Pamplona, the taxis going to SJPD are right at the train station and usually there are...

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