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    Pamplona suggestions needed.

    WOW. I have spent hours and hours trying to make a reservation in Pamplona on Sat, May 20th without success. I used Gronze, the Brierly book, places listed on Jacotrans, and even googled "albergues in Pamplona". I have contacted Places via their websites, by calling and texting using what's app...
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    RETHINK walking the Frances

    Thank you for letting us know of your situation currently. Hopefully it will calm down and improve. I leave soon and have the first 2 nights booked. I will now make sure I have at least a 3rd night booked.
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    RETHINK walking the Frances

    It is so NOT fair to berate this pilgrim, who is describing her situation. She should be thanked so that people can try to figure out the best way to make sure that they do have a bed. And if this is her first time, walking the Camino, Frances, despite trying to figure out everything you can...
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    RETHINK walking the Frances

    Since the pilgrim is "boots on the ground" and is stating facts, it might be best to heed her experienc, THEN one can try to figure out how best to make it work for them, or delay/cancel.
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    Albergues full in Orisson - bad time to start?

    You usually have to get the Orisson reservation about a month in advance. First, see if you can get a reservation a day earlier (it's only 3 1/2 hours to get there) OR 1 day later. Unless you are in really good shape, I would definitely stop in Orisson.
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    Will finding a bed be a challenge in May on the Frances?

    To me, Orisson is the most critical reservation to make ahead of time. I had read of some people making a reservation only to find they did not. I think that would be very rare but I made my reservation ahead, then confirmed the reservation 1 to 2 weeks ahead AND 1-2 days ahead just to be sure...
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    Current food/drink prices on the Camino Frances, and Trail Angels

    I have never seen a trail angel on Camino Frances but I return there in 6 weeks, after an 8 year absence. In the US, Trail Angels give away food/drinks for free (especially when on a long trail, like the appalachain trail).Food for sale is a business. i don't think he meant "a side hustle" to...
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    Pamplona to Puente de la Reina (24 km)

    I like the John Brierley "Camino de Santiago" myself. It gives a lot of useful info. You can buy it on this website.
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    Asphalt and other trail types on Camino Frances

    Yikes, I previously broke my back. Forested/grass is the best, then a dirt road, for me. Road/asphalt/cement kill my back (pain). So I prefer the grass/forested areas.
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    Roncesvalles albergue reservations

    Unless you are a REALLY strong hiker, you may want to consider the 3 1/-4 hour walk to Orisson on day 1, then go on to Espinal on day 2. A triathalon athlete could barely walk for 3 days. Different sports use different muscle groups. To travel from SJPD to Espinal in 1 day is very difficult.
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    Backpacks only policy in Albergues: A common restriction?

    I would recommend that you Google “rolling backpacks for adults” or “the 10 best rolling backpacis for adults”. Be sure to look at the dimensions or liters then do some calculations to see how it compares to the dimensions/liters that you have in your suitcase. You may have to take a little less...
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    Is the Albergue in Roncesvalles a “must”?

    I think it is. The staff is wonderful, and used to help set you up at places to eat a meal and the church survice that washes your feet!!? It is very large but partial walls divide every 2 bunk beds. The stone building is beautifu. I was amazed at the wash room (when I was there someone washed...
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    Transport fr SCQ to Sarria

    I would suggest you stay in Sarria Centro instead of Vigo de Sarria (nice but not the same vibe). Hopefully you have gotten the Camino de Santiago book by John Brierley. That will show you a map, and details of MANY options. I believe that when I went, I stayed near the Plaza (on the map) and...
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    Planning began to go in May or June for 4 weeks.

    I have flown to Madrid, walked to the train station to catch train to Pamplona, then shared a taxi with others to SJP. I went twice on my own (and 1 with a guy). I loved going alone as i became friends with other women after 3 to 5 days. Until then, I sometimes felt squeamish about traveling...
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    Best time/temperature to walk the Camino Frances

    Great referral site. Thank you.
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    Best time/temperature to walk the Camino Frances

    Wow, great informatio. I may consider leaving a week earlier. I could find monthly average temperatures only. If you know where of a website that gives daily temperatures, could you let me know please.
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    Best time/temperature to walk the Camino Frances

    After walking on the Camino in bad heat 3 times, I am committed to trying to find the ideal temperature for me (barring an unusual cold or hot front coming through). Heat above 75 to 80 degrees just zaps my energy and I’m trying to avoid temps in the 40’s except maybe in the first few hours. I...
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    Euro budget needed for food on Frances

    I have been on the camino 3 times. The last time I hiked the caminoi was sick of bocadillos and was determined to avoid them (except for the one I bought at Orisson for day 2. Also, I just could not eat all of the food on the pilgrims menu. So for lunch and dinner I mostly ate just wonderful...
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    83 years young

    Follow the weather but starting towards the end of April may be your best bet. If you start in SJP, be sure to stay the night in Orisson. Or just start on the other side of the Pyrennes. I usually start early, esp if it is hot. This usually allows me to be finished about 2 PM. Once you get an...

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