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  1. tominrm

    TAP Travel Voucher - Expired

    In 2020 April I had a reservation on a TAP flight which was cancelled due to pandemic, and TAP was nice enough to issue a voucher for the cancelled flight. Yesterday I was trying to book a flight to find the vouch was invalid probably because it is over 12 months from the time the voucher was...
  2. tominrm

    Alsa Bus to Pamplona & on to SJPDP

    I thought they had buses to SJPdP from Barajas T4(MAD). Did they discontinue?
  3. tominrm

    Easyjet Baggage Fee

    You are not allowed to bring walking poles into the cabin. SdC Airport is notorious about enforcing "no carry on poles" policy. So if you have poles and don't want to check in, you have to leave your poles behind.
  4. tominrm

    How to get to SJPDP from Croatia (Zagreb) cheapest?

    I think your best bet is flying Ryanair to Western Europe. Last year I flew Ryanair from zadar to paris. In order to save money leave your poles home and don’t pay extra. I did it that way and went to a local Triathlon store and got the cheapest poles 5 euro each. I discard them before I went...
  5. tominrm

    Chicago to Barcelona with Norwegian

    I have one-way reservation on Norwegian in April and am keeping my fingers crossed because, as you said, the future may be uncertain. Financially desperate airlines can do anything until the last minutes.
  6. tominrm

    Madrid Airport Taxi Rip Off

    I had to stay in a hotel near MAD, and they had free shuttle. I thought all hotels there would provide free shuttle service.
  7. tominrm

    French rail strike ending next week?

    French railroad strike..... is it a weekly or monthly event now..? I thought it is an annual event. I was in France early June, and there was a two-day strike. I did not know about the strike before I got to France and was stranded in a small city for a day.
  8. tominrm

    Has anyone booked an extra seat/item seat for their rucksack on Ryanair?

    I think I will see a day when Ryanair will advertise 1Euro fare each way provided you check in a bag for 100 Euro.
  9. tominrm


    I already have three reservations on Ryanair after my Camino. I carry only my backpack (40 or 50 L) which I have had no problem last year with the airline. Will I have problems this year unless I buy priority boarding or ?? It is hard to measure the dimensions of backpacks.
  10. tominrm

    Camino Frances start date

    I travel like you from the US - I stay 11 weeks in EU with just vague ideas what I want to do or where I want to go. But I buy round trip ticket because it costs about $100 more than one way ticket. I move around with keeping the departure city and date in mind. In the worst case I need to cut...
  11. tominrm

    traveling from Madrid to St. Jean Pied de Port

    Sorry if I am too late for you. There is bus terminal at the airport Terminal 4. You go the in the morning and you will see the info on the monitor. Buy your ticket from the machine outside where the buses stop.
  12. tominrm

    traveling from Madrid to St. Jean Pied de Port

    If you arrive in Madrid in the morning before 9 am, there is a a bus Alsa going to SJPDP about 10:30 am from the airport, and that probably would be the easiest. But if you arrive late or want to stay overnight in madrid, this would not help.
  13. tominrm

    Senior Discount Card

    Yes, as whariwharangi says you can buy the discount card (Tarjeta Dorada) at the airport train station. But I am not sure about 40% discount. I think it is about 25%. In my past experience if I buy ticket online in advance, sometimes it is cheaper than buying a ticket at the station using the...
  14. tominrm

    5 am cab ride in Santiago?

    Where are you staying? I am in Albergue Monasterio Menor and take the same flight on Sunday morning. If you are not far from where I am, come join me. If we are lucky, there will be more of us. There is a list at this albergue for ride sharing.
  15. tominrm

    travel from Madrid to Pamplona by train

    If your flight plan is firm, I would suggest that you book Renfe in advance. The benefits are: 1. Peace in mind 2. Discount using promotional fare 3. Added bonus is free local train fare (worth 2.70 Euro) from the airport to Puerta Atocha train station when you show the ticket at the Renfe...
  16. tominrm

    barcelona to madrid by alsa bus 19 august 2015

    How cheaply do you want to go? That's an eight-hour ride and much less than half (1/4?) the price of Renfe train. I thought the bus fare between these two cities is a bargain.
  17. tominrm

    Traveling from USA to SJPdP late April 2015

    Only 2 days of cushion? If you do not have the time, it is understandable. However, anything can happen during the thirty some days. If you can add 4-5 days of cushion and you have that much time left over when you arrive at Santiago, you can go on to Finisterre/Muxia. That is what I have...
  18. tominrm

    Air Fare Increase?

    I wonder how you do it? Use Kayak? The lowest so far was Turkish Air $865 R/T. But the connections are terrible.
  19. tominrm

    Air Fare Increase?

    I, too, have been waiting for the price of my airline tickets to drop. I know the price of oil is about half of what it was at the peak, but the airfare is not reflecting that. I am cautiously optimistic that once the air fare war starts, the price of tickets will fall rather rapidly. Hope...
  20. tominrm


    It is my understanding that you cannot buy Tarjeta Dorada on line. You have to be at one of Renfe stations and show your ID in order to buy one. If you want to book in advance, and if you are sure of your itinerary, see my post above. You will save more money by buying tickets on P fare...

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