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  1. Jan_D

    Walking in December

    Hi Julia, here's a list of albergues open over the winter: In case of closure, you could check for private albergues on Gronze (click on the albergue's name and then check to see "disponibilidad") or else go for a cheap hotel on I would not...
  2. Jan_D

    Can the camino be done in parts?

    I think you were replying at the same time so didn't see my msg about the cathedral in Irun. And yes, you could get one in Madrid (either from the camino 'Asociación', or the Iglesia de Santiago) The credencial serves two purposes: 1. To show the pilgrim office that you have walked the final...
  3. Jan_D

    Can the camino be done in parts?

    Ok! I phoned the cathedral in Irun. They have credencials! Here's a map 😊 The gentleman I spoke to said that there would be someone there from about 10:30am every morning. He was a bit vague about the closing time.
  4. Jan_D

    Can the camino be done in parts?

    Yes, you can get a stamp from most places (hotels, hostels, tourist offices, even bars!) so it won't be a problem - although it might be a bit disappointing not staying in the albergues as you won't get to meet many other pilgrims. I'm still not sure where you can get your credencial from...
  5. Jan_D

    Can the camino be done in parts?

    Hi! To qualify for the Compostela, you only need to walk the final 100km before Santiago on any official route. The "certificate of distance", which you can order for €3, provides more information about your starting point and distance covered. Anyway I see you're starting 2 November - i.e. this...
  6. Jan_D

    2nd Camino - The Norte

    Hi Njema, the prices of the flights go up more each day, so it's best to book online as early as possible. If you book on the day of the flight you'll probably be charged the maximum fare, which could be hundreds of euros. You can book your flight from Barcelona to San Sebastian online with...
  7. Jan_D

    CF or Norte?

    Some helpful information in this video - it's about camping on the Frances, but the same issues will apply on the Norte. The Norte coincides with a touristy coastal part of Spain (popular with Spanish holidaymakers and surfers), so there are more campsites along the way than on other routes...
  8. Jan_D

    CF or Norte?

    Hi Mandy, welcome to the forum! :) Sounds like you and the Norte were made for each other. You will love a week of walking in the Basque country. Beautiful green hills, the sea beside you, and wonderful cities like San Sebastian, Guernica, and Bilbao. From Biarritz it's a 30-40 minute bus ride...
  9. Jan_D

    September Pilgrimage

    Hi Richard and welcome to the forum! I suppose it also depends on whether you've been to Paris or Madrid before, and whether you have a desire to spend a day or two in either one of these cities. I personally try and arrive before the starting point to avoid 'spoilers' (I like being surprised...
  10. Jan_D

    September 2019 - High road or low road?

    It's super easy! Laburundesa bus company does about 8 trips per day Bilbao-Pamplona (and vice versa). The journey takes 2 hours. Here's the timetable Not sure whether you were thinking of landing in Bilbao, and then starting the Frances after that? In this case the Pamplona option is definitely...
  11. Jan_D

    Walking the Way, May 22 Bilbao

    Oh how exciting! Only a few days to go!! ➡
  12. Jan_D

    Primitivo July 18th or 19th

    Hi Zebo, welcome to the forum! In July and August there are around 100 pilgrims walking each stage of the Primitivo per day. You'll meet fellow pilgrims on the path, otherwise in the albergues. Unfortunately the Oviedo albergue reception closes at 9pm, so you won't make it. The bus company...
  13. Jan_D

    Camino Portugues or del Norte

    They are very different. The Portugues is interesting for cultural reasons, if you want to experience a country other than Spain. The people are very warm and friendly, the food is great, and things tend to be a bit cheaper. The path is relatively flat, and the infrastructure is good. There are...
  14. Jan_D

    Camino Portugues or del Norte

    Hi Maree, sorry don't have time to respond to all aspects of your post, but just a quick note to say you really don't need to "plan" the coastal alternatives on the Norte. Basically, there are "fisherman's trails" all along the coast (often labelled as the E-9 path). Sometimes the "official...
  15. Jan_D

    Walking the Way, May 22 Bilbao

    - You should be able to get a credencial from the cathedral (which is actually dedicated to Santiago!) If not, you'll be able to buy the credencial from any of the municipal "albergue de peregrinos" - here's a link to the one in Bilbao. (Not sure whether you'll be staying there your first night...
  16. Jan_D

    Camino Norte- 5/23

    You can avoid Irun by catching the ferry from Hendaye to Hondarribia. Operates every 15 mins. Some info here. The first day on the Norte (usually from Irun) can be brutal, unless you've already got your trail legs. It's not so much the distance, as the fact that you've got to climb up to 300m...
  17. Jan_D

    a little help needed...

    You'll need to go via Pamplona. There's a bus from Irun at 9:05am on Sundays with Laburundesa. There's a 16:30 bus on Sundays with Labaztanesa. Akerreta's only 15km from Pamplona, so your best option is to take a taxi once you arrive. Akerreta is a tiny little hamlet, which doesn't even come...
  18. Jan_D

    Camino is calling

    I just checked Easyjet (yes I have nothing better to do on a Friday night) and they have a flight on 11 May for €78 - they only fly on Wednesdays and Saturdays, how lucky! - so this might work. Seems Vueling have daily flights from London-Oviedo, so you could get there 31 April/ 1 May and start...
  19. Jan_D

    Camino is calling

    Hi Mad4life and welcome to the forum! What a wonderful opening message 😄 The Salvador is totally doable in the opposite direction (have done it myself), but it's only a 5-day walk, so maybe a bit short for your 11-day break... The Primitivo from Oviedo is similar terrain to the Salvador...
  20. Jan_D

    An open heart post seeking support

    As Kiwi-family says, lots of people who walk the Camino are feeling sad. Many people are walking to deal with grief, and it seems that this exactly is what you're dealing with at the moment. You seem to feel you've lost your previous self. But this is ok. We are constantly changing and growing...

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