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    The Camino Isn’t A Pilgrimage Anymore

    This thread seems to be moving into the territory normally occupied by Angels queuing up to dance on pin heads. Let me just wish everyone Bueno Camino and whatever your motivation enjoy the way.
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    The Camino Isn’t A Pilgrimage Anymore

    Surely the Camino/trail/way/long distance path is whatever the pilgrim/hiker/traveller/seeker/tourist likes to think it is. That said, I would argue that everyone who has followed a way to Santiago is changed by the experience. At the end they will certainly know more about themselves and their...
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    Which Route? Have 27 days to walk.

    I loved the Norte. If you have 27 days you could comfortably start in Cantabria (Santander, Castro Urdiales) and enjoy some beautiful coastal walking before heading south and inland to Santiago. Whatever you decide, Buen Camino.
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    Norte vs Primitivo

    I, too, am torn between the two routes. I have walked the Norte (in 2019) and loved it so am really keen to revisit it but am also drawn to the Primitivo. One question is abut accommodation. How does the Primitivo compare in that sense?
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    Do you have tips for meeting people on the Camino?

    Hello, I walked the Norte route alone in late August/September 2019. (Had planned a second journey for last year but life is what happens while you're busy making plans). I spoke to lots of people and made some real friends with who I'm still in contact. Like most things on the Camino it just...
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    Camino Quotes

    Don’t be scared to walk alone. Don’t be scared to like it. I was a solo walker on the Del Norte in September 2019. Being alone was wonderful not least because it created so many opportunities to meet people, share conversations and make some lasting friends. Buen Camino and let's hope our way...

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