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  1. Jesnat

    First (ish) time biking, 4th Camino

    There is already lots of good advice here. I love the idea of biking whilst your friend is walking and great tip from Perigrinopaul above that you can use the time searching out the best places to eat whilst they catch up. Last October I biked the VDLP, I used two 20 litre rear panniers and a...
  2. Jesnat

    Leon to Santiago

    I don’t know if this will help as I don’t know what your plastic bike box is. But last month I posted my bike in a strong cardboard bike box from my local Correos Office (Post Office) to the main Correos office in Seville. I caught the train to Seville (I live in Spain) and picked up my bike...
  3. Jesnat

    Cycling along VDLP and beyond

    You too. I downloaded the book to my ipad. Planning my route on my phone screen is just too hard and as weight is less of a problem on the bike the ipad should be very handy.
  4. Jesnat

    Cycling along VDLP and beyond

    I'm a first time bicigrino too, spending a week or so on the VDLP starting later this month. You probably have found it already but here's a link to a couple of great sites:, There is also a great guidebook...
  5. Jesnat

    Own bike or renting ?

    I live in southern Spain near Murcia. I’ve just finished a week’s cycling around Flanders in northern Belgium. I took my own bike return on Tuifly from Murcia to Ostend. The bike and packed panniers travelled as oversized luggage and had to be packed correctly. I used a strong cardboard bike box...

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