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    Gijon in contrast

    I agree. I walked the Norte in September 2019 and really enjoyed the stretch into, through and beyond Gijon. The contrast between the elegant seafront and the somewhat grim industrial landscape that follows is all part of the attraction of The Way. Good luck with the rest of your Camino
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    2022 Camino spirit Albergues on Camino del Norte

    Quite simply, Guemes
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    Pilgrim support on the camino del Norte

    I am with Dennis on this one. Having walked the Norte I can add to the reassurance that there are shops, bard, cafes and restaurants all along the route. My pilgrimage was before Covid but I was back on a stretch of the route last year with my grandson who lives in a village which is 'on the...
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    Plea for patronising the albergues between the Gronze stages

    A year ago today I was half way through my Notre pilgrimage - my first - from Castro Urdiales so still had Navia ahead of me. I so agree with Pierre about the Alberque San Roque and the shining star that is Aurelio. For those of us there on September 11 2019 he described the stages ahead and...
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    Hiking Community

    I walked the Norte in September last year and loved every step of the way. There were times of solitude but many shared moments with friends I made along the route. Still in touch with some of them. I am sure you will have a wonderful experience
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    camino del norte

    I walked the Norte from Castro Urdiales to Santaigo in September so shared that beautiful weather. I am now planning my 2020 pilgrimage which may be from Lisbon or walking the Primitivo. (Comments and suggestions welcome). In the meantime before 2020 gets any older I wanted to wish a splendid...
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    camino del norte

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    What's going on? Camino del Norte hard?

    Each pilgrim's Camino is unique but I have to say I found the Norte profoundly spiritual. Paradoxically I believe this is due in part to the long stretches of solitary walking (I was on my own and not in a group) and in part to the wonderful people I met along the way - fellow pilgrims, local...
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    What's going on? Camino del Norte hard?

    I loved every step of my Norte. I walked from Castro Urdiales to Santiago, arriving September 21st. It's anything but brutal. The coastal stretches in Cantabria and Asturias are beautiful. The only 'shock' was the sheer number of pilgrims leaving Arzua early in the morning after the Norte joined...
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    Planning ahead

    Thank you for this. Buen Camino. As you say maybe our paths will cross. Was in Spain over Easter with my family there. Great to see a number of pilgrims and to wish them well
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    Planning ahead

    Thank you for this. Buen Camino. As you say maybe our
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    Planning ahead

    Hi I hope your Camino goes well. For various reasons I am now starting my walk from Castro Urdiales at the end of August. One quick question. I have my 'pilgrim passport' but how do I get my first stamp. As Castro Urdiales is a rather random starting point I am not clear how I 'sign in' as it were
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    Planning ahead

    Thank you for your help and support
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    Planning ahead

    Thank you for this. It's all very helpful. I know that from Santander to Boo de Pielagos the coastal route is considerably longer but, having walked the shorter 'official' leg at Easter I know the coastal route is much more attractive
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    Planning ahead

    Thank you. I will keep in touch - and good luck with your own plans
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    Planning ahead

    I am planning to walk El Camino del Norte in May next year (2019). I have family in Cantabria so for sentimental reasons (and some practical ones) want to start my pilgrimage there. I'm thinking of starting from Castro Urdiales. Any advice/thoughts/warnings will be gratefully received. I've...

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