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  1. simongx

    November camino

    I walked from SJPP to Santiago last year in late October/November. I too agree with what is said above about the importance of equipment for all weather conditions. I had strong wind, rain, freezing temperatures... but let that not discourage you - most of the time I had beautiful warm sunny...
  2. simongx

    What is between Sarria and Santiago? And Muxia?

    I walked this stretch in November 2021 (in fact I had started in Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port in October). I was worried that as Santiago was drawing nearer my interest in the surroundings would suffer, but in the end this was not the case - it is a beautiful green stretch in spite of being a pilgrim...
  3. simongx

    Recommendations for “can’t miss” eating establishments?

    My favourites (October November 2021): - the dinner served at the San Nicolas Albergue in Larrasoaña; - Mavi restaurant, Los Arcos (great menú del día); - Kiosko de Pizza, León; - Los Angeles restaurant, Hospital de Orbigo (great menú del día - lots of trout); - the cocido maragato at Las Termas...
  4. simongx

    SJPP to Roncesvalles - your personal experience

    I walked over the Napoleon Route and the Lepoeder Pass on a Saturday in late October 2021. The day was sunny, with some wind in the higher areas. I realised later during my camino that I had been very lucky, when I met some people who told me about walking in cold and rain just a day before me...
  5. simongx

    Biarritz to St Jean - Beginning day after 1pm to Roncevalles?

    Hi, I agree with the others that the plan has flaws (no way you can make it to St-Jean by train by 12.00) and that it sounds like a very stressful day even if you manage; to which I would also add that setting out for the mountains in the afternoon with minimal time to spare if things go wrong...
  6. simongx

    Too late to start preparing & weather in May?

    You do not need passport photos. And yes, you can easily get the credencial from the very friendly and helpful Pilgrims Office in SJPP, even in the morning before setting out if you don't arrive in time the day before.
  7. simongx

    Too late to start preparing & weather in May?

    Only at the end, after the Lepoeder Pass. Both options are clearly marked at the split. The Pilgrim's Office will also tell you about this. I took the steeper route and would advise you to take the less steep one, unless you have solid hiking experience. I would say yes. I think you should...
  8. simongx

    How much route planning is actually needed?

    Hi @ils, I must say I recognised myself a little in what you say, so here's what I learnt on the subject of planning and over-planning at the time of my camino in October/November 2021. There is quite a deal of romanticism attached to the idea of going without a plan and just taking things as...
  9. simongx

    Where to get Credencial stamps in Pamplona?

    I got mine at the Cathedral (October 2021). There was a stamp for use by pilgrims at the entrance/ticket office, and I think you could stamp even without entering.
  10. simongx

    Packing list in winter

    I would also suggest to cut the socks/underwear and shirts by one. The rest is really good, but I do not know how you arrive at 9-10 kg, because my packing list was very similar and it weighed 7.5 kg (without water). If the total weight indeed includes the clothes you will be wearing, then you...
  11. simongx

    Roncesvalles Reservation - with or without dinner and/or breakfast?

    I was there in late October 2021, and I had reserved both breakfast and dinner. I was given a voucher and sent to the restaurant of Hotel Roncesvalles, right opposite the church. This for both dinner and breakfast, and I think it may have something to do with covid measures - the dining area in...
  12. simongx

    Prefer not to carry a sleeping bag

    I walked the full Camino Francés in October-November 2021, staying a few times in private rooms in albergues. I noticed that even if bedding was not provided, it was available for an additional fee. I would therefore think that going without even a sleeping bag liner is possible. I would...
  13. simongx

    Camino Frances from Pamplona February 2022

    I walked the Camino Francés in October/November 2021. As also mentioned in another post above, the main problem for me was places closing down for the low season, rather than filling up (those that were open). It is for this reason that I had to plan a few days ahead to make sure that my stages...
  14. simongx

    Notes from my Camino Francés (started late October 2021)

    I spent ~1860 EUR during 29 days (27 days walking), excluding transport costs to Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port and from Santiago, and obviously also excluding equipment. This amounts to about 64 euro per day. I think this amount can be reduced significantly by staying in albergues only, but I would...
  15. simongx

    LIVE from the Camino My First Camino Adventure: From Sarria to Samos Monastery

    So nice to see people are enjoying the Camino also in January! I wish you all the best for the remaining sections to Santiago!
  16. simongx

    Notes from my Camino Francés (started late October 2021)

    (6/6) I have now successfully completed my Camino, and here is the final set of practical notes. Out of León, I took the left option, i.e. the complementary longer route that does not follow the highway. I found it interesting and relaxing, in particular the first section, where there are a...
  17. simongx

    Status of the Cowboy Bar

    I passed it yesterday, it was closed. 🤷‍♂️
  18. simongx

    Notes from my Camino Francés (started late October 2021)

    (5/5) I am in León, it is early morning, and before I leave, here are a few further notes from my experience during the last week. I've had very little rain this past week, but one thing I have had to adapt to is strong wind on the Meseta. It was so incredibly cold! I was able to protect...
  19. simongx

    Notes from my Camino Francés (started late October 2021)

    (4/4) I am now past Burgos, and here are my notes. A reply above noticed that I post very practical stuff - that is indeed my intention, at least at the beginning when, being a newbie, I do not yet trust my more subjective observations. Maybe after it's all over, I'll type those up too...
  20. simongx

    Notes from my Camino Francés (started late October 2021)

    (3/3) There is a Decathlon about 200m off the Camino on the exit from Estella. This may be good to know in case you need to complement your gear. Some maps mark a water fountain somewhere between Villamayor de Monjardín and Los Arcos. The fountain is not functional and in fact a piece is...

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