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  1. Jesnat

    A Newbie

    I live in Spain and used my own bike. I posted it from my local Post Office to the main Post Office in Seville and started from there. There are several very helpful posts on the forum covering transporting a bike around Spain. On my return from Gijon I was able to take the bike on the long...
  2. Jesnat

    A Newbie

    Good luck with your plans. I completed the VDLP in October, it was a challenge, I´m 66 also, but hugely enjoyable. I rode from Sevilla to Gijon as I have walked the Francis to Santiago some years before. I used a hybrid bike with touring tyres, back panniers and handlebar bag for essentials and...
  3. Jesnat

    Via de la Plata as a first time bicigrina

    Hi Mon, I’m also biking for the first time starting in Seville at the end of this month. There are a few recent posts on this topic. You have probably found them already but here’s a couple of good links that I'm using:
  4. Jesnat

    A few questions

    There are branches of Decathlon in most big cities. They are a great sports, camping, hiking store. I got all my equipment there for my walk last year. They are often a litle out of town. Here's the Spansih website

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