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  1. estorildon

    Not a Camino, but Portugal here I come

    Nick and Wendy, After I get back from Canfranc late in July, we need to get together.
  2. estorildon

    Not a Camino, but Portugal here I come

    Have a great Camino
  3. estorildon

    Not a Camino, but Portugal here I come

    If somehow Nick doesn't pick up on Laurie's message I will PM Nick and Wendy next week. Last I heard Wendy was off doing work in Africa but she might be back by now.
  4. estorildon

    Weather over Pyrenees April 15,2023

    The adage often used to describe why Pays Basque is so green. It rains all of the time there.
  5. estorildon

    Pamplona - 1 day or 2 ?

    There are several places farther down the trail that I would chose to spend an extra day in. It should be based on what you are interested in seeing and doing. A wine tour adventure to Rioja from Logrono, for instance. Chill for a day in Fromista and take in several of their fine restaurants...
  6. estorildon

    Hi...Starting the French way Mid May

    My only advice is to pay attention to the holidays and they are numerous in May and June. They can be a blessing if you want to participate and a curse if you are just wanting to move on!
  7. estorildon

    First Camino

    At which airport are you planning on arriving? For the Norte the suggestion would be EAS of BIO.
  8. estorildon

    First timer doing el Portuguese Camino

    There is an albergue in Lisbon. They are part of the association in Portugal you could PM them or @jungleboy who lives in Lisbon and writes about the Camino often.
  9. estorildon

    What happened to Forum member Alexwalker?

    Shortly before I had my by-pass, I suffered several falls and was diagnosed with an extremely low sodium level in my blood and had to spend several days in hospital on a drip. I had no idea a low sodium level can be lethal.
  10. estorildon

    What happened to Forum member Alexwalker?

    I love your humor and determination. I now walk with a cane reminding me everyday that my randonnee days are over, so I am volunteering as a hospi this summer. It requires the same logistic skills as walking does and the option for the odd geriatric bus or train ride is there to share time on...
  11. estorildon

    April 2023

    Easter Sunday is the 9th, plan accordingly because lots of Europeans take advantage of the holiday weekend for extended vacations and lots of school holidays fall around the same time. Fortunately, France coordinates the school holidays by various regions so all of the holidays don’t fall on the...
  12. estorildon

    Possible Itinerary

    PM me if you are interested in staying in gite near St. Emilion. I have friend with one that is about a 30 minute drive from town. You can access St. Emilion by train and take a short walk up to town also, but if you plan to see more than the shops and cellars there you will need a car.
  13. estorildon

    Spontaneous adventure or complete disaster?!!

    Re: Porto It is a wonderful place to visit, so much so I am considering immigrating there. A fun way to get and hour so overview of the city is to get on the red and/or green hop-off/hop-on double decker tourist buses.
  14. estorildon

    Sarria to Santiago - 100 KMS

    There are numerous guidebooks like John Brierley, Wise Pilgrim and Gronze. I can't think of any narrow heights except some pilgrims complain about the bridge to Portomarin. Being 57 and 60 is still young on the Camino, I am nearly 80.
  15. estorildon

    Biarritzdon will retire

    I'll be right there along side you with my walker.
  16. estorildon

    Biarritzdon will retire

    I replied to your post but I doubt you got the message. I have a touristy trip in August and September, there are lots of of holes in my itinerary, but 2023 is a blank slate.
  17. estorildon

    Biarritzdon will retire

    D'accord, give me some dates Jeff I iwill be there late in August and early September of 2022 and anytime in 2023.
  18. estorildon

    Biarritzdon will retire

    Please let's stop the love fest. While I am not able to walk anymore, I will continue my snarky post until I can no longer understand the next generation of "clueless" pilgrims. BTW, where is the airport in Saint Jean Pied de Port? You know one day there will be one for the privileged pilgims, huh!
  19. estorildon

    Biarritzdon will retire

    I tried a push bike Camino from Pamplona after walking from SJPdP and only got as far as Najera. Thanks for you thought!
  20. estorildon

    Biarritzdon will retire

    Oh, I will stick around but the problem with my foot is only getting worse and worse.

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