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  1. mark connolly

    Stuck in Spain

    After my last two camino's I just got on and travelled thru Europe. Went to Croatia, Ireland, Bosnia, etc. Obviously you can book all of this from you cell phone. For example, here is a list of flights departing Barcelona this Sunday...
  2. mark connolly

    Post a Picture of Shoes or Boots

    not mine, saw these on the side of the road.
  3. mark connolly

    LIVE from the Camino Just cleared customs in Paris from the US

    I think it is just that, they are being processed by date of arrivel. I don't think it is a coincidence that in the Subject line of your email, you are asked to type in your date of arrival. I arrive on the 30th of August, so I am expecting to hear from them in a day or two. With that being...
  4. mark connolly

    LIVE from the Camino Just cleared customs in Paris from the US

    Thank you for the info/update. Planning to start the Le Puy route on September 3rd, so any info, no matter how trivial about your walk will be greatly appreciated. Also I believe the words vacation and vaccination are related. Good luck. Bon Chemin. Mark
  5. mark connolly

    Poll Which Camino are you planning next?

    Le Puy, then if I go in the summer, it would the Norte. If in the fall, Francis.
  6. mark connolly

    On the Camino, on this date in February...

    2020 CF. Since i had walked 20 miles from Burgos to Hontanas, the next couple of days were short in comparison. A year ago today, it was Itero de Vega to Fromista, about 10 miles.
  7. mark connolly

    On the Camino, on this date in February...

    2020 CF Burgos to Hontanas. As per the previous post the alburgue in Hornillos was closed. Walked 20miles/32kms. The Koreans in the picture I met in the park as just about you enter into in the Meseta about 7miles from Burgos. I believed they stayed at a pension or Air BnB in this town (name?)...
  8. mark connolly

    On the Camino, on this date in February...

    Ages to Burgos. Arriving at the alburgue, there was a sign stating that the Municipal alburgue in Hornillos del Camino was closed (more on that tomorrow). Attended Mass at the cathedral for the Feast of St Blaise, but they did not do a blessing of the throats.
  9. mark connolly

    A key , but from which frances albergue??

    Gaucelmo Rabal del Camino
  10. mark connolly

    On the Camino, on this date in February...

    On this date in 2020, I believe it was Belorado to Ages. It was intended to be Belorado to San Juan Ortega, but the municipal alburgue was closed, so it was onto Ages. I was thinking of stoping in Villa Franca de Montes de Oca, both alburgues were closed and I could not find a pension open, so I...
  11. mark connolly

    Storm Filomena: Spain sees 'exceptional' snowfall

    Storm Filomena: Spain sees 'exceptional' snowfall - BBC News
  12. mark connolly

    Post your favorite flower photo(s) taken on Camino(part 2)

    After leaving Lourdes.......
  13. mark connolly

    WIFI passwords on the Camino

    At the cafe in Sahagun:
  14. mark connolly

    The Xunta proposes to the Jacobean Council "specific sanitary measures" to reactivate the Camino de Santiago
  15. mark connolly

    While you're not doing anything else ... help identify this church!

    I found this answer! And it was right if front of our eyes: look at the closing credits. Stay with me here. First and foremost, I have never seen the film. Looking through the comments, there is an agreement that camino scenes were not filmed in sequence, etc. and the movie was not entirely...
  16. mark connolly

    'World's first' coronavirus sitcom to launch in locked-down Spain
  17. mark connolly

    Can someone please enlighten me?

    A couple of points: this slovenian sign which means you need to make a right and a left before you can make that left turn to get you on the street you want. They have this concept in the State of New Jersey what is known as Jughandles. Also as...
  18. mark connolly

    An Iberian Indiscretion

    Speaking of swimming cows...……….
  19. mark connolly

    ATMs at Madrid airport?

    I noticed you live in Portland ME. If your flying out of Boston/Logan, I believe there is a currency exchange booth at the airport. Good luck. Buen Camino. Mark
  20. mark connolly

    Lucky New Yorkers!!!

    Yes we are certainly lucky! Thank you for the post. I will be sure to check it out this week and report back to you. I was also going to post the fact that if you come to NYC, and wanted to train for the camino, you can go to The Vessel in Hudson Yards, New York City's newest neighborhood. Since...

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