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  1. lisaflora

    Revolut instant debit card for intl use

    It is! Almost everyone has a portable card reader, Google pay works perfectly.
  2. lisaflora

    Revolut instant debit card for intl use

    You can order a free plastic Revolut as well. I am truly amazed how many shops take contactless payment for ANY amount. Cash no longer king but you still need a bit for laundry, tips, entry fee for touristy stuff, etc
  3. lisaflora

    Revolut instant debit card for intl use

    From the US, I was getting hammered with ATM fees in Spain to get euros cash. Plus crappy exchange rates, blablabla. I finally got clued into Revolut....downloaded the app and in 5 minutes had euro exchanged and in my preloaded virtual card. Any place that accepts credit card omt on Norte, and...
  4. lisaflora

    New digital Credential is introduced from the Cathedral. There's an app for that!!! But I think the albergue has to digitize their stamp..they can do it at the website link above. Otherwise we are still stuck with manual stamps
  5. lisaflora

    Recycle on Norte Camino and they will plant a tree

    Wonderful eco-friendly program on Camino to help preserve the Camino in Asturias. Look for albergues with brightly colored tall boxes for recycling. Pick up an Ecoperegrino credential and yellow geocery bag, have it stamped at three locations participating in this program (it's a different stamp...
  6. lisaflora

    Anyone know details about La Garita on Norte?

    Yes I was at SML albergue🤣. This is WAY before Gijon and even farther from Salinas., just asking about the landmark history. I don't think it's an albergue.
  7. lisaflora

    Anyone know details about La Garita on Norte?

    Maybe just a homeowner who has a particular affinity for the Camino....but does anyone know anything about La Garita? Thought it was an albergue or bar or tiny museum...lots of near artifacts. But no one home Saw this on way to Gijon from Vilaviciosa after that first huge climb. Any info...
  8. lisaflora

    How to see the Lignum Crucis at Sto Toribio monastery

    Tku ..Yes...but it's a long and difficult 4+ day uphill journey...this is intended for those who want a day trip off the Norte😍. Kudos to those who do both at once!!!
  9. lisaflora

    How to see the Lignum Crucis at Sto Toribio monastery

    Very few know about this amazing relic, the largest existing piece of the true Cross. It was exceptionally difficult to figure this out with little internet info on how to get there. It was well hidden in the mountains for a reason! Camino Lebianego goes directly there from San Vicente de...
  10. lisaflora

    US Covid Test for Spain w/i 48 hrs--test may take 72 hrs

    I bought Binax 6 pack home test for $150. Complete with telemed verification and accepted by American airlines.even links to their Verifly app. Flight cancelled. Had to travel next day, today, and brought an extra test with me since another delay could cause test to be invalid as it will be...
  11. lisaflora

    Extra sheet for bed bug prevention

    So did you use just a sheet and then sleep sak ontop of your own sheet?Did you find it effective? WOndering how to prevent bites on arms/face that stick out of sleep sak. I guess a bottom layer sheet would help?
  12. lisaflora

    Bed bug advice along Camino Primitivo and Norte

    What do you use the bedbugsheetbag for? Do you sleep in it?
  13. lisaflora

    Wild Camping option and sufficient gear

    I use very little upper body..pack should rest almost fully in hips, so work more in legs. Make sure your pack is fitted so straps are not on shoulders..they should be about an inch or less higher. I am about your size and train weekly with my pack which is about 13lb-15lb. Always seeking...
  14. lisaflora

    Phil's Camino Documentary Movie- a story of resiliency and hope

    This is a cancer foundation in Colorado who is sponsoring this film for free from Apr 17-25. "When Phil Volker was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer, he started walking. After covering 500 miles on his own personal Camino, Phil took on the Camino de Santiago. The remarkable story of a Stage...
  15. lisaflora

    GPS data for Camino Companion app

    Some people like more detail, efficiency, planning, technology. To each his/her own. We should support all methods of travel and applaud this young person's contribution. :)
  16. lisaflora

    GPS data for Camino Companion app

    Wow, thanks. Would be happy to pay, don't sell yourself short! That's alot of hard work :). Hope I can refind this thread when app goes live.
  17. lisaflora

    How do you train for the Camino?

    Leki on Amazon. A bit hard to find all the specs I wanted...shock absorption, cork handle, quick release, but they exist. Just PACK them or they will get take at US airport. You can also google TSA and find the app that allows you to bid on procured gear like knives, trekking poles and...
  18. lisaflora

    How do you train for the Camino?

    I live at 8000' in the mtns of Colorado...I walk down my mountain and back up about once a week, 7 mi. But the most important for me is practicing with trekking poles. A bit challenging as I also walk with 2 leashed dogs, haha. But it forces me to pay attention to cadence and pole plant. I...

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