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  1. AML

    Santander accommodation october

    Can anyone recommend somewhere to stay in Santander for 1 night late october. I'm really only passing through Santander on way to Oviedo to start the Camino Primitivo. I was considering the albergue de peregrinos in Santander but read some quite negative reviews. thanks
  2. AML

    Albergues with Communal Meals on El Norte?

    In 2014 the albergues on the Norte I stayed at which had communal meals were Santa Cruz de Bezana a really nice place after Santander, Albergue de Guemes, Albergue Aves de Paso at Pendueles. Don't recall any others, but I took the Primitivo later. Aidan
  3. AML

    Final checks before the big Camino

    Yes, you can definately get a credential at the Irun albergue. I think the albergue opens at 4pm. Its a great albergue and a wonderful place to begin the camino. Good luck Aidan
  4. AML

    info request: Credential

    The credential is offered at the albergue for a donation, also shells were available when I stayed there. The spirit at the albergue is wonderful! I believe it opens at 4pm. It is not possible to reserve this albergue, Hope this helps
  5. AML

    info request: Credential

    Hi Daria, Welcome☺ Basically the credentials are the same but the design of them may vary. If you are starting the Norte in Irun you can get a Norte credential at the albergue de peregrinos there, its a nice credential and shows a map of the route also. I highly recommend staying in this...
  6. AML

    Starting the Camino Norte...

    Hi, 1. Albergues won't be a problem.....its not that late in the season. I assume all albergues will at least be open until end October. Stay in Pilgrim albergue in Irun, you will get information there. 2. I recommend boots as when I walked the Norte one section was really muddy due to heavy...
  7. AML

    Starting the Norte 24th

    Hi Jim, Good choice for your first Camino:) try and stay in albergue de peregrinos in Irun if you don't have other arrangements made, Its a wonderful albergue, hospitaleros are always friendly and so kind, you can also pick up the 'Norte' credential there. Great way to start the camino. I wish...
  8. AML

    Camino del norte guidebook ?

    Hi Pablo Mac, I used 'the northern caminos" guide book also. I found it very useful and accurate. Its quite heavy to carry though! If you have i phone is very good. Buen Camino Aidan
  9. AML

    Biarritz Airport to Hendaye/Irun

    Train from Biarritz station possible, bus is easier and cheaper option.
  10. AML

    Accommodation Irun - Day One

    Yeah, its fine to stay there for the first night.....I did that earlier this year. You can also get a Credential there and register for beginning the Camino. Good albergue, breakfast also, by donation. Very friendly hospitalero! Buen Camino Aidan:) Ps. Its a lovely'll have a great time!
  11. AML

    All the alternative routes on the Norte - prepare or wing it?

    I never forgot "The Camino provides" - and it did. I love this quote and its true.....the Camino provides what we need!!:)
  12. AML

    Best Camino del Norte Guidebook

    Hi John, I'm starting on the Norte next week and I am taking this book with me. The author is a forum member CSJ guides are the others I know off but have not seen them. These sites are useful...
  13. AML

    Notes from my Norte

    Alan, do you remember name of hostel in San Sebastian. I'm looking into accommodation options for next week. Cheers Aidan
  14. AML

    Leaving Irun for Bilbao 29, 30 or 31 May - anyone else?

    Hi Fiona.....Welcome:) Look up for details of Norte albergues, I find it really useful. Im arriving in Irun on 21st May and begin walking on 22nd so I will be there a few days before you! You could also call into tourist information in Irun for details, that's what I plan...
  15. AML

    Simple guide/map to Del Norte

    Raj...... is another website I found with lots of detail on Norte and Primitivo routes, hope this helps!
  16. AML

    Simple guide/map to Del Norte

    Hi Raj, I am doing the Norte/Primitivo mid May and June also, and have been on the look out for a simple guide/map book also. I got the loan of a book from a guy who has walked these routes before, the book is The Northern Caminos by Laura Perazzoli and Dave Whitson. Its a fairly detailed book...
  17. AML

    first time pilgrim, solo traveler in late June/early July 2014

    Hi Arrim, welcome ! Last sept/oct on Frances it was quite busy especially the first days from SJPDP and the last 100k from Sarria, i found the Meseta to be the quietest and some of most beautiful parts of the camino and then meet up with pilgrims in the evenings at the albergues. I would go back...
  18. AML

    Norte in June

    Has anyone used CSJ book Los Camino del Norte by Eric Walker and Chris Lennie, are there good maps in it? What about "Ruta de la Costa - Irun to Villaviciosa"?
  19. AML

    Guemes and Albergue Santa Cruz in Bezana

    Thanks Joe, i will keep a note of this alberge when i go to thhe Norte. Keep us updated on your journey. Buen Camino, Aidan
  20. AML

    Norte in June

    Thanks a lot, seem easy enough getting to Hendaye:)

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