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  1. wynrich

    Taxis, insurance & money questions

    We just got back from 5 weeks in Galicia. We took a few taxis. Always easy to find one. Ask hotel or in a bar (where you'll get your coffee and rest) or search on Google. Generally quite inexpensive. And taxi drivers almost always are so nice. It was rare to find a place that didn't accept...
  2. wynrich

    US ATM cards not working

    We arrived in Spain from the US on April 10th and my husband was not able to get cash with his debit card after trying several places. I was able to get cash with my card, the backup. Both of our cards were with Capital One but different accounts. Since our backup card worked, we didn't try to...
  3. wynrich

    Restaurant leftovers

    Thanks everyone. I just wish I'd asked this question many caminos ago. Such a helpful forum.
  4. wynrich

    Restaurant leftovers

    My husband and I are currently walking the Ruta Cantabrica, on our way to the Camino Ingles. We had a typical generous menu for lunch with way more food than we could eat. We're staying in an Airbnb tonight that is not near any restaurant or grocery, so we knew we needed to bring food if we...
  5. wynrich

    Strangest food & drink on the Camino

    I was surprised when I ordered black tea with milk and was given a little pot of hot milk and a tea bag. No water. I did enjoy it.
  6. wynrich

    Cafe con Leche / Coffee on the Camino: Enquiring Coffee Lovers want to know!!

    Yes, that would probably be better than a pill for most people. (They also sell little coffee candies in Spain that have quite a bit of caffeine.) The thing is, I don't want to eat anything at all. If I have anything at all to eat, then I get that low-blood-sugar feeling until I've eaten...
  7. wynrich

    Cafe con Leche / Coffee on the Camino: Enquiring Coffee Lovers want to know!!

    Yes, I'm certainly a caffeine addict. On early caminos, I did find it hard when I couldn't find coffee before starting to walk in the morning. Then I realized I could take caffeine pills. One 100 mg pill gets me through a couple of hours till the first bar and breakfast. (100 mg is close to...
  8. wynrich

    Cafe con Leche / Coffee on the Camino: Enquiring Coffee Lovers want to know!!

    We had the same experience. We first fell in love with European coffee in Italy. First day in Italy we stopped at a bar and had coffee and couldn't believe how good it was. I told my husband "We've got to remember this bar and come back." Little did we know it would be that good just about...
  9. wynrich

    Cafe con Leche / Coffee on the Camino: Enquiring Coffee Lovers want to know!!

    I wanted to put in a plug for café con leche made with Delta coffee. It is a Portuguese brand but my husband and I had it a couple of times on the camino in Spain. Both times we were blown away with how good it was -- rich and complex but not harsh. The first place was Casa Pancho, near...
  10. wynrich

    Bathtubs and Other Essentials While on the Camino!

    My dad used to tell us the same. He added that, even though they didn't bathe every day, their mother would make them wash their feet each night before going to bed. (They were farmers.)
  11. wynrich

    Camping on the Camino?

    In 2019 when walking the Norte, my husband and I met a fellow-pilgrim on the path who said "do you want to see a photo of where I slept last night?" Of course, we did. She showed us the doorway of a shop in Luarca. It had poured rain that night but she had managed to stay dry. She was a...
  12. wynrich

    Live tracker on Wikiloc?

    Another option is to use Google maps to share your location with the ones who want to track you. We did this on our last camino and my mom enjoyed following us along the way. She didn't have to do anything more than bring up Google maps on her computer.
  13. wynrich

    Random thing that made you smile on Camino?

    So many things every day, really. Some that came to mind: This March, walking between O Cebreiro and Fonfria, we passed some men building a wall and one man started dancing. Here is video I took complete with their music (it takes a minute to load):
  14. wynrich

    Camino hacks

    It took about 300 miles of walking on our first camino for my husband and me to figure out that: (1) The bars/restaurants don't seem to mind if two people share a menu del dia or pilgrim's menu. (2) You can ask to substitute salad for french fries. (3) You can ask for fried eggs and toast for...
  15. wynrich

    Brands of tea in Spain

    When we were in Palencia in March, about to start our camiino, in our hotel I asked for black tea with hot milk. To my surprise, they brought a little pot with hot steamed milk with the tea bag on the side. No water. So, I steeped the tea bag in the hot milk. I like my tea with lots of milk...
  16. wynrich

    The Laundromat is my friend

    My husband and I often take advantage of self-serve laundries ("lavandería de autoservicio"). But twice (you'd think I would learn) I've ruined several pair of very expensive liner socks by putting them into a too-hot dryer. They completely melted.
  17. wynrich

    4 Extra days. Where would you travel?

    This spring after our camino we spent 5 days in Muxia. We were able to take day hikes on the Camino dos Faros from there. Beautiful. There are good bus connections between Santiago and Muxia. After our 2019 camino we spent a wonderful week in Gijon. A lovely non-touristy city. An easy...
  18. wynrich

    Tea on the go

    This is a bit off-topic but my husband and I were recently in Palencia, on our way to the Frances. At our hotel bar I ordered a cup of hot tea with milk. They brought me a cup of hot steamed milk with a tea bag in it, no water. Has anyone else had this happen to them? I liked it so much I...
  19. wynrich

    Tap Water or Bottled Water?

    We just got back from walking (part of) the Camino Frances. We used tap water to fill our water bottles. No problems. It tasted wonderful every where. To me, much better than bottled water. I wish getting tap water in restaurants were the default. So much wasted plastic with all those bottles.
  20. wynrich

    Aqua para beber- drinking water

    What about the ones that aren't labeled either way?

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