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  1. rickyt

    Hoping for September 2023 Camino Frances

    If everything goes as planned, I will be leaving SJPP at the beginning of September 2023 and walking the Frances route. I know it is a little far out at this point of the calendar but I will be spending the next 15 months or so preparing. Hopefully during that time I will have the opportunity...
  2. rickyt

    Class of 2019

    It is my intention to do the CF in 2019. I would like to go in May but my fall back plan is to go in September if need be. Thanks for all of the friendly advice. I have really enjoyed my time on the forum so far.
  3. rickyt

    In the planning stage

    Oh there are no shortage of questions beyond the why. Haha some are definitely easier to answer but all are important, I agree. Thank you for your insights.
  4. rickyt

    In the planning stage

    Hi Mary, It is comforting to know that I am not alone in that pull. Congrats on setting the date. I am not there yet but I am hopeful that life will allow me this sometime in the not so distant future. Two kids in college though so not a ton of money laying around and then there is work. Can I...
  5. rickyt

    In the planning stage

    Sophie, that is my daughter's name, by the way. Your description of yourself at the time sound almost exactly like me at the present. I am just entering my 50's but everything else is pretty much spot on. As much as I am sorry to hear that your first Camino was full of struggles, I am glad to...
  6. rickyt

    In the planning stage

    Thank you so much for this Jim. I absolutely love how you explained things here. "And the question of motivation never really goes away and never gets satisfactorily answered." That is pretty much where I am at. I can't explain fully why I feel the need to do this, but the feeling is there...
  7. rickyt

    In the planning stage

    Thanks for your reply Dave; I think that is a great idea. I haven't fully worked out all of the reasons yet, but I have more than a few. In the short time that I have been perusing the forum I have been struck by the positivity and willingness to help out. That is something that isn't...
  8. rickyt

    In the planning stage

    Hello all, I am probably at least a year or more away from being able to actually start my Camino. Presently I am just trying to read up and learn as much as I can. This forum is great and, so far, I have been able to find answers to my many questions. I have felt this strange pull to do this...

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