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    Taxis, insurance & money questions

    I had blood in my urine and went to a local clinic which told me I had to go to a bank and pay a medical fee before they would even see me. Then the clinic told me that they don't do tests on site, and the results would not come back for many days. I then went to what appeared to be a small ER...
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    Strangest Thing on Your Camino?

    Multiple peacocks in a fenced yard On CF.
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    Laundry advice

    Bill and Trecile, thanks so much for your advice.
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    Laundry advice

    I have 1 item I would like advice on: 1. Laundry detergent--clothes are washed almost daily and for two people hiking 14 days, that will be approximately 26 separate sinks of clothes. I found a possible light weight solution. Has anyone had any experience with Travelon laundry soap sheets? They...
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    Early morning coffee

    I never thought of this. Great idea to try.
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    Early morning coffee

    I hear you. I'm the same way. If there isn't a coffee machine, you should come across a place with coffee, usually within 2 hours. If you are using the Brierley book, the maps will show a tiny coffee cup, to indicate a cafe bar Along the way. Bring a headlamp--you will need it to see the Camino...
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    Using Whatsapp to message albergues

    That is how I do it.
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    Luxury Camino

    Actually, the camino has been a pilgrimage for ho thank you for the history of Bavarian pilgrimages. Actually, the Camino de Santiago pilgrimages started in the 9th century. what little I know of it's long history is fascinating.
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    Not what I expected!

    I was unable to train at all (1st Camino) before I came (finishing up a demanding job) so I quickly wished I had. Luckily I only hiked from Roncesvalle to Burgos--but I was doing full sections, even when I started, and developed a bad case of plantar fasciitis and my endurance was low. On my 2nd...
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    Storage in Albergues?

    I don't think I've ever been to an albergue that didn't have lockers to store stuff. I always wear hiking zip off pants with pockets--so I always keep my passport, cash, and money on me at ALL times.
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    Rest days

    I see you are starting in SJPP. If you don’t hike a lot, including ascents and descents, I would highly recommend staying overnight at Orrison.It only takes about 3 1/2 hours (so you may want to leave SJPP around 11 am, but the next day may take up to 7 hours. Otherwise you may really hurt for...
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    Rest days

    For Roncesvalle through Burgos: Pamplona--try to arrange to get there a few hours early to see Museo de Navarre, cathedral, old wall. At night, go to the nonstop tapas bars close to Jesus y Maria municipal hostel. Viana--1/2 day at the end of the day to just relax, enjoy the vibe, see Iglesia de...
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    Camino without any preparation?

    I have walked the camino 3 times, each time 40 to 60% of the camino. The first time I had absolutely no preparation so I started in Roncesvalle. I too walk a lot a lot at work but even then, pounding my feet for about 7 hours a day on the camino gave me plantar fasciitis--it got so bad that even...

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