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  1. tominrm

    Best U.S. $$$ Denominations

    Just curious. Does DB charge you a fee for using their ATM? Probably not if you have an account with the bank. I used Schwab debit card to get cash from their ATMs, and I don't think DB charges me any fees.
  2. tominrm

    ATM Choices in Spain

    On November 18,2022 after finishing my walk, I had a few hours in Santiago before I leave for my next destination. Then I realized I might need more euros so I decided get some cash out of ATM, and this turned out to be an experiment answering what I always wondered about whenever I used an ATM...
  3. tominrm

    Money exchange - current rates

    I think opening/having an on-line bank, not investment, account with Charles Schwab will solve all these issues. The bank (debit card) will absorb ALL transaction fees and reimburses at the end of each month. I first opened an account for Camino de Santiago several years ago and still have it...
  4. tominrm

    On the Camino, on this date in April...

    Easter, April 1, 2018 in Caceres
  5. tominrm

    If you were to choose your Camino based on the food?

    Another vote with Kanga. I think they call Basque version of tapas as pintxos(pronounced as PIN-chos). Also Basque has its own famous wine Txakoli(Cha-co-li) too. Asturias has very good bean stew called fabada. Yum!
  6. tominrm

    SURGERY UPDATE Post #8 and 15 : in this thread to my Updated foot issues

    I read this with great interest as I have been suffering from plantar fasciitis on my right foot. I now can feel a hard lump size of pea deep inside my heel and hope I do not have to go through surgery. It is painful after walking a few steps, but I am using a gold ball everyday to see if the...
  7. tominrm

    No more excuse for not having this in Every Home Bar in the U.S.

    Went to my local Costco yesterday to find this ham cutting stand and ham. Now no home bar should be without one. Only $549+7%sales tax
  8. tominrm

    Thanks to those that don't walk and stay home

    Those who don’t walk are the smarter ones. Who with a clear mind would want to walk risking blisters, boredom, aching legs, blistering sun, or even pouring rain. Stay home and brew your favorite coffee, eat your favorite meals, and watch your favorite program. No need to sweat under the...
  9. tominrm

    Senior Discounts (aka, luv your shades of silver!) ;) 2019

    In Europe I think buying RENFE tickets in advance is much better than buying with Tarjeta Dorada. But if you have to buy immediately, Tarjeta Dorada helps.
  10. tominrm

    Would you pay extra for a lower bed?

    I'd love to pay a little extra for the lower bunker bed, but it would be injustice for young people if all upper beds are taken and forced to pay extra for remaining lower bunk beds. I have hard time going back to sleep after climbing down and go back up.
  11. tominrm

    Are you 70+ and still walking Caminos?

    Le Puy to Santiago! Wow, that that would take at least two months!
  12. tominrm

    Camino Signs in Unlikely Places

    Near Hayatama Taisha, Shingu, Japan. A Portuguese restaurant.
  13. tominrm

    Questions to Spainologists

    I have been in Spain many times, and I still have the following three burning questions. I have not asked the locals for fear that I may not understand the explanation. 1. What is the rectangular shape with a diagonal line in the middle with one side painted black and the other side white...
  14. tominrm

    Any fluent Korean speakers here?

    The word host/ess is a good one. Also perhaps (albergue) "greeter" or "volunteer"? But I think for those who plan to walk the camino would understand and use the word ""hospitalero" or "hospitalera" as we do in English. In other word, no translation would be necessary. There is a Korean guide...
  15. tominrm

    10 great European pilgrimages, the Telegraph

    It is great to know that there are many pilgrimage routes in Europe. I believe two of the reasons for the popularity of El Camino de Santiago is the affordability, especially the lodging, and the supporting infrastructure already in place. For most people the cost of lodging is a large portion...
  16. tominrm

    What is the name of green vegetable?

    Thanks for the info. So the name of the soup is caldo gallego. I like the soup especially on a chilly, damp day.
  17. tominrm

    What is the name of green vegetable?

    Maybe it is a family of kale. It is not cabbage for sure. Thanks.
  18. tominrm

    What is the name of green vegetable?

    In Spain I saw many gardens with dark green leaf plants they use, I think mainly, for making soup. Someone told me the name once but I forgot. The leaves are large and thick, and the plant is apparently perennial. Does anyone know the name in Spanish?
  19. tominrm

    Walking poles solution....

    I usually spend some time in Europe after my Camino. I buy a pair of walking poles from Walmart (about$20) before I leave, check-in with my backpack, and discard after I reach Santiago. That way I can take advantage of discount airline flights in Europe (usually out of Santiago) without having...
  20. tominrm

    LIVE from the Camino Way Markers and Missing Distance Markers

    Way markers assure you that you are on the right track. That's a very good feeling to have when you are alone somewhere. But everyone knows the distance marker on most of the way markers are missing. I think souvenir hunters took them. What do think of those people who took them as...

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