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  1. tominrm

    Albergue kitchens on the Norte

    I think it is becoming a trend that albergues close down their kitchen. Kitchen uses electricity, many people don’t clean up after using the kitchen, and it cost money to replace broken or missing items. Although I would like to see more kitchens open, but I can’t blame albergues closing it...
  2. tominrm

    Does it get better?

    I agree with LTfit. Primitivo seems to be the hardest, but it is only about half the length of del Norte. Del Norte is hard in the beginning, gets a little easier in Cantabria then gets hard again in Asturias. 112 calls using a cell phone, as someone pointed out here, has to get a signal to...
  3. tominrm

    Places with communal meals on the Norte .....

    I remember a donativo albergue in a monastery where meals are served. The monks prepare the meal and pilgrims go to the kitchen to pick up. Some should be able fill-in more details.
  4. tominrm

    !!!Emergency thread. All all elbergues full san sebastian

    It is too late to help Patchnomad, but I don’t think there is an “albergue” that pilgrims know of in San Sebastián or Bilbao. There might be other lower-cost lodging available. I passed by the city twice. The first time I stayed in a donation-based religious group run housing in the mountain...
  5. tominrm

    Drinking water from the tap

    To be honest I had problems with “open” fountain a couple of times on CF a few years ago. I drank it because, even I had my camelback, fountain water felt cold and refreshing. But after drinking the water my stomach grumbled all afternoon. So I drank only out of my camelback which was filled...
  6. tominrm

    Warning! Flashers near Santander

    I thought I read in this forum that flashing Itself is not a crime in Spain. Guardia Civil is trying to warn the perpetrators not to do it because it affects the tourism. Isn’t it the case?
  7. tominrm

    Hiking poles in Bilbao

    I live in the U S and faced with the same question when I took a discount airlines flight. But I decided to get a cheap poles from Walmart (about $20) and pay luggage fee. The reasoning was not to spend the first day of arrival looking for poles which could cost a day and pay whatever they...
  8. tominrm

    Where in Bilbao - Donde en Bilbao

    If you can find one of these three famous landmarks in Bilbao, you should have no problem finding the route. 1. Basilica de Nuestra Senyora de Begonya 2. The main Train Station, if you happened to arrive by train. 3. Museo Guggenheim along the river. - I remember walking under the giant...
  9. tominrm

    Camino del Norte - start in Saint Jean, Irun, or San Sebastian?

    I arrived at Santiago from Irun today - in 39 days. The "traditional" starting point for del Norte is Irun. As someone pointed out the airport for San Sebastián is in Irun. Finding a "compatible" walking partner for the entire journey is a tricky one because everyone has different speed and...
  10. tominrm

    Heading to Irun tomorrow

    The way things are going, you may catch me before I get to santiago. I just finished my 11th day and still about 2 days away from Sanander.
  11. tominrm

    Late arrival and albergues

    Thank you for your compliment. Because of the new "freedom", I plan to walk the camino every year as long as my body allows me to.
  12. tominrm

    Late arrival and albergues

    Thank you JohnMcM, I made a reservation at Bidasoa., the first link.
  13. tominrm

    Late arrival and albergues

    Thank you all, I will stay in a hotel the first night. I will make sure they expect my late arrival.
  14. tominrm

    Late arrival and albergues

    I will be arriving in Irun to start my CdN. But the train arrives the town from Madrid about 10:00 pm. There are albergues in town, but by the time I get there, they are already closed. What are other options for me in this case? Stay in a hotel?
  15. tominrm

    Help! i need some answers.

    I am going to start around April 22 or so from Irun, and the term "warm" clothing worries me. Last year, being the first time and on CF, I had my winter jacket. after first few days I shipped the coat to Santiago and bought a lighter jacket. Not to make the same mistake twice, I plan to wear...
  16. tominrm

    Camino del Norte in April/May 2015?

    Joe, I am not familiar with the use of this board. I know you have offered to help me at least twice. I meant to follow up with your offer later, but can't find your contact info again after viewing it once. Somehow can't read alert twice.
  17. tominrm

    Camino del Norte in April/May 2015?

    I am planning to do the same walk about the same time. In April/May,2014 I walked CF. Plan to start from Irun because I will fly into Madrid, and Biarritz being in France, it would be a little bit inconvenient to get there unless I miss something important. I am wondering if there is a good...
  18. tominrm

    bedbugs: a rocky road

    I am planning the next camino on Del Norte next April and all of sudden I am scared. I was mindful of the problem last April when I was on CF but luckily saw no sign of this to anyone. Is Del Norte different?
  19. tominrm

    My impressions and stages of Norte/Primitivo May 25-June 27, 2014

    Raj, thank you for the info. I will probably follow your footsteps next spring. Do you remember approximately how many days it rained during that time? Were there any stages you would do differently if you were to do it again? Thank you in advance.
  20. tominrm

    Pictures from the Norte

    I just returned home from CF in June 2014 and already started planning for my del norte for 2015. Someone please tell me the BEST month to do this weatherwise. I expect a few days of rain, but since I can go just about anytime in 2015, I would like opinions of someone who has done this. I...

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