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  1. Stacey Wittig

    Security measures surround visit to the porch of Glory .

    Somehow that simple act of placing my fingers and giving thanks made me feel so connected to the medieval pilgrims who had gone before me. I felt their prayers.
  2. Stacey Wittig

    Can anyone recommend me a book on the history of the Camino?

    The Pilgrimage Road to Santiago by David M Gitlitz and Linda Kay Davidson is what I would recommend.
  3. Stacey Wittig

    New Book about the Camino Frances--"The Walk of a Lifetime"

    I am enjoying reading this book now.
  4. Stacey Wittig

    I'd love to read your book and make comments. I'd also be willing to review it on my website...

    I'd love to read your book and make comments. I'd also be willing to review it on my website Would you like to email it to me or?
  5. Stacey Wittig

    "The Moorish Whore:" A "camino book" like no other!

    Loved this book! Might be time for a re-read!
  6. Stacey Wittig

    German guide on the Via de la Plata

    I just returned last night from VdlP and used Gerald Kelly's guide - loved the maps! It can be purchased at Ivar's bookshop and is available as an app. Another American pilgrim used Kelly's app. As for my fellow pilgrims who were Germans, some used the red, other the yellow. I heard no...
  7. Stacey Wittig

    Talk books with me?

    My fave Camino books are: 1. "To the Field of Stars" by Kevin A. Codd 2. "The Great Westward Walk" by Antxon Gonzalez Gabarain and translated by Rebekah Scott, and I have read a lot of them. I also write reviews of Camino books on my website. May I recommend my own book, "Spiritual & Walking...
  8. Stacey Wittig

    Talk books with me?

    Thanks for the suggestion of 'The Santiago Pilgrimage: Walking the Immortal Way' - just purchased it on Amazon.
  9. Stacey Wittig

    Being a Christian on the Camino

    Will this be your first Camino de Santiago? I loved reading most of the thread that reaches back to 2014
  10. Stacey Wittig

    iMiam App for Le Puy to SJPdP

    I loved the paperback Miam Miam Dodo for my 2016 Le Puy to Santiago pilgrimage. Let me know how you like the app. I hope they do one for Del Norte
  11. Stacey Wittig

    del norte guide book

    The revised CSJ Camino Primitivo guide should be out soon.
  12. Stacey Wittig

    New book: Following the Ancient Path

    Congrats on the new book, Mary! Let's connect and help each other cross-promote our books. Can't wait to read yours! Blessings, Stacey Wittig
  13. Stacey Wittig

    Good Guide Recommendations for Camino Primitivo

    The 2018 Confraternity of St James Camino Primitivo Guide book will be out soon. You'll be able to download the e-book or buy the paper version at their website or on Amazon. I was proud to be part of the revision team - we added the history and culture that is so significant to the Primitivo...
  14. Stacey Wittig

    Detouring to Lourdes from the GR65

    Just a little warning: I think it would be VERY difficult to complete your 40km day in that terrain. Take it from someone who lay on the GR-78 crying... and I'm a seasoned pilgrim! Ivar's online bookstore sells my guide, "Spiritual & Walking Guides: Lourdes to SJPP." One of the daily devotionals...
  15. Stacey Wittig

    The New Brierley Guide

    You could check out "Spiritual & Walking Guide: Leon to Santiago" available on Ivar's online bookstore.
  16. Stacey Wittig

    The New Brierley Guide

    I see "Brierly sightings" posted on Facebook complete with selfies taken of the poster with the author. So, yes, I believe he is still walking the Camino.
  17. Stacey Wittig

    Lourdes to St Jean Pied de Port

    The hard copy of Spiritual & Walking Guide: Lourdes to SJPP is also available on this website at Ivar's book store. Happy shopping!
  18. Stacey Wittig

    Lourdes to St Jean Pied de Port

    Bon chemin! Did you get a copy of guide. Get it on Kindle at:
  19. Stacey Wittig

    Lourdes to St Jean Pied de Port

    The book is available on Kindle. Here's a link to Spiritual and Walking Guide: Lourdes to St Jean Pied de Port: Thanks for asking, Stacey Wittig

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