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  1. mark connolly

    Trail Condition - before Molinaseca

    The first time a walked it, it was very difficult. So the second time I decided to stop in El Acebo, and stay at that mega-albergue/hotel. And the next day I walked it with no problem and started to think there was no need to stay in El Acebo. Not realizing I had the opportunity to be well...
  2. mark connolly

    Bottom bunks

    I have the same issue of getting up in the middle of the night and going to the bathroom, etc. Getting to albuegues early is probably the only way to guarantee of getting one. So, follow the above advice. Since I need getting a bottom bunk, and if none are available, I would go hotel/pension or...
  3. mark connolly

    "El Peregrino Pasante"

    I emailed my brother Jim, who will be passing by in a couple of days. Could it be my brother will get El Cello Finito from him? Perhaps that will be worth a lot of money. Mark
  4. mark connolly

    "El Peregrino Pasante"

    He even has his own signpost on the camino. Hot bout dat! Mark
  5. mark connolly

    Northern lights!

    As dbier says it's all relative. Here is an article from a couple of weeks ago stating that the Aurora Borealis could possibly viewed as far south in the state of Maryland. Also...
  6. mark connolly

    LIVE from the Camino Current conditions: Big wave on the Francés

    After Los Arcos, the next stage after that is Logrono, which is 19 miles. So, some may stop off at Viana which is about 11 miles. From Viana, there are stages/cities/albergues in between which have plenty of beds. By stages I mean according to Brierley's book. Yes, I know that not everyone...
  7. mark connolly

    Where to stay the night before Santiago....?

    Tried to stay @ the Polish Albergue in October 2021, it was closed. Does anyone know if it is open? Please advise. Regards Mark
  8. mark connolly

    LIVE from the Camino The French Way - NobleHiker Chronology

    As far as the eyeglasses go, I would advise you to keep them. You would not believe how many times I lost a pair of reading glasses or sunglasses on the Camino. When I was on the Camino del Norte, I stopped by a Santander ATM to use. I have an account with Santander (FYI Santander has Branches...
  9. mark connolly

    An article about the excavation site of Atapuerca, just off the CF

    Early humans likely hibernated to deal with freezing winters ( Also: Sima de los Huesos, a Key to Human Evolution ( Atapuerca Mountains - Wikipedia Enjoy. Mark
  10. mark connolly

    Field made out to look like a world map

    Walked by it in January of 2020, it wasn't there. Don't know if they moved it or if plan on replanting it etc.
  11. mark connolly

    Thinking of walking Camino Frances in summer 2021... in need of advice

    The regret for the things we do is tempered by time, It is the regret for the things that we do not do is inconsolable. Do it, and you won't regret it. Buen camino Mark
  12. mark connolly

    Extra Precautions - For the Frances in Winter?

    Bring sunscreen! Just got back from my winter camino on the CF from SJPdP to SDC from Jan 21 to Feb 24. The average temp was 50F. With that being said, I would advise to err on the side of caution and expect the worst. Obviously pay attention to those above who are recommending what to bring...
  13. mark connolly

    Bar Elvis is closed

    More photos.
  14. mark connolly

    Bar Elvis is closed

    Elvis has left the Camino!
  15. mark connolly

    help finding a place to sleep Pamplona

    There is a tourist office in Pamplona, near the main square. Worst comes to worst, they may be able to put you up in some ones apartment. Good luck. Mark
  16. mark connolly

    Fromista albergue fire

    Stayed there about 2 years ago. According to the updated article: "The shelter had not yet opened to the public after the winter break". As per Google Translate. Mark
  17. mark connolly

    Starting in Leon...accomodation and first day walking

    As far a hotel, this one is about 100 yards from the cathedral, about 50euro for the night. Info via photo. Buen Camino Mark
  18. mark connolly

    My first time - ALONE

    I am with Felipe and Glenshiro, the arrival time in in Toulouse and the train connection is cutting it a bit too close. I would advise that you would take a day or two, if you can afford it timewise, to start your camino. If you miss this connection, this may interfere with your reservations in...
  19. mark connolly

    Graffiti Search on the CF (Potentially either side of Belorado)

    Here are some photos. I don't know where these were taken. I will let you decipher it.
  20. mark connolly

    Which App?

    I too used the camino pilgrim app because it lists the alburgues that have washer/dryer.

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