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  1. AML

    Kindness in Moratinos

    Last sunday morning, on a cold and windy day, i was walking through Moratinos and stopped to take shelter at the village square. Rebecca from the forum and her friend Cathy stopped with me and invited me to their home for a coffee. I appreciated the offer and gladly accepted. I was so nice to...
  2. AML

    My Thoughts About The Camino

    I totally get you......this has been my experience too!
  3. AML

    Camino not for me?

    Hi Kellbell, As you're currently on Meseta and you find it boring why not bus to Leon, rest there a few days and wait on your friend if you wish and then decide whether to continue or not. Whatever you decide will be OK! The camino is challenging, if you can find enough strength to push through...
  4. AML

    Albergue recommendations Bilbao

    I stayed here in 2014 and it was fine
  5. AML

    Camino Frances Followed by VdlP

    Hi Fares, Wait until you arrive in Astorga and then decide if you want to leave the Frances to continue on another path! You may feel different then and prefer to stay on the Frances particularly if you have made camino friends.....which you will!! However, if you do need to leave the Frances...
  6. AML

    Why do some houses in Galicia have bottles of water outside their front doors?

    I always wondered about this as well! Thanks:)
  7. AML

    On camino now, looking for advice on schedule

    Hi Faith, glad to hear you are enjoyed the camino so much! I would recommend stay on the Frances, yes go back to Burgos or Pamploma for sure. You can always go to Finisterre/Muxia afterwards if you have time. The choice is yours! Buen Camino Aidan
  8. AML

    Camino Frances in Winter

    Excellent reports Sybille....Im grateful to share in your journey. Wishing you a happy and peaceful Christmas.☺
  9. AML

    Camino Frances in Winter

    Thank you for sharing your journey:) Looking forward to your posts with enthusiasm! I intend to walk from Burgos in February. Take care, Buen Camino!
  10. AML

    Thinking of doing Frances - Salvador - Primitvo

    Hi Trecile, In 2015 may/june i started in Irun and walked to Burgos joining the CF, then to Leon where i took the Salvador to Oviedo and then Primitivo to Santiago. It was wonderful, quiet on the Vasco, then lively from Burgos to Leon on the Meseta, quiet and challenging on the Salvador and then...
  11. AML

    Are Internet cafes obsolete?

    When i was on camino i found the public libraries in the cities great for getting on the internet. I always found the library staff very friendly and helpful and no problem using a computer.
  12. AML

    "The Way" the movie 'tragic' seeks HELP!

    Thanks Jenny......great info.... Cheers, Aidan
  13. AML

    "The Way" the movie 'tragic' seeks HELP!

    Good question, i have often wondered where this took place! Some of the bridges i crossed on my caminos i thought of this scene.
  14. AML

    Yet another Caminio Movie / Blog 'Epic'.....

    Congratulations Rob, well done! I really enjoyed your video. Thank you for sharing your journey.
  15. AML

    List the albergues that offer communal meals!

    Not that I remember, we spoke at dinner and after washing the dishes we had a short discussion in dining room. Silence after 9pm. Breakfast not before 7am. My first time to stay at Emaus and a really nice experience
  16. AML

    List the albergues that offer communal meals!

    Hi Annie, I stayed at Emaus on 25 May this year and had communal evening meal and breakfast the next morning at 7am.....evening meal and breakfast donativo! Yeah En el Camino was in their restaurant but still a communal experience as I don't think there are may other places to eat nearby, 9...
  17. AML

    List the albergues that offer communal meals!

    Great idea this thread!I really enjoy the communal meals at albergues, the energy is fantastic. Most i know of are mentioned and a whole lot more i didnt know off! L'esprit du Cheminin SJPP, now different name and owners did wonderful communal meal and introductions, Albergue Emaus in Burgos is...
  18. AML

    Rain Gear

    Hi Waka, I have and use the Trekmates poncho, used it on both my Caminos and will use it on the upcoming one as well! It can get a little sweaty inside at times but I do consider it quite waterproof from the outside! Its a nice length, plenty of room for backpack, can be buttoned between the...
  19. AML

    Real life friends - Camino friends - Soul friends?

    This feels very true for me:)
  20. AML

    Camino Support Group....

    This is so very beautiful.....thank you:)

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