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  1. Mountainman

    Armchair Pilgrim

    Hi Sean, I must say I agree with David, and will add my 50 cents: I would say: get out of your comfort zone and just go for it! Get yourself a guidebook which emphasises on the accomodations, and off you go! And if you find the lack privacy gets to you, you can always quit or continue by bus...
  2. Mountainman

    alternatives for Camino Frances

    Hi Ciara, as I am not going this year but next year, I'm leaning towards april, as I dont want to wait until september :mrgreen: . But then maybe the year after in september? And as I have not had much luck in finding the book on the different routes, nor much response here, I have not...
  3. Mountainman


    Sounds great, I'd love to follow your experiences both walking the Camino and as a voluntario...
  4. Mountainman

    Hello everyone

    Ola Amigo, strengt and stamina will build up as you go... Just try not to overdo the kilometers in the beginning, and you'll be fine! Have a great Camino, and let us know how you are doing/have done, and how you experienced the route! Animo!!! Martin
  5. Mountainman

    Class of 2011

    And here I was thinking I was going to start this thread :D , not knowing there are more people eagerly awaiting the moment we can put our first steps on the Camino (again). I have done the Camino Frances twice from Saint Jean, both in june/july, and am currently pondering either the same...
  6. Mountainman

    alternatives for Camino Frances

    Hi there, I'm Martin, and hooked to the Camino for life... My first time was in 2007, from St Jean to Santiago, and last year i did the same stretch, both in june/july. The first time was about letting go, of most of my 19kg pack, for one :mrgreen:, and of the love of my life the Camino put...

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