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    In and out of Ourense

    Hi Marie, This thread may be useful I plan to use this option in October
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    Salamanca to Santiago Feb 2017?

    Hi Jude, I did Burgos to Santiago at that time and not VDLP. I'm going to walk Salamanca - Santiago this October. I think SYates has a good blog on VDLP in winter, maybe there are others also.
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    Where to start: 30 days walking

    Hi Via2010, can you give more detail why this stage is somewhat odd? I thinking starting in Salamanca in October. thanks
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    LIVE from the Camino Live Report from VdlP Starting from Seville on 6/20/18

    Hi Youren, Enjoying you reports from VDLP....will be particularly interested from Salamanca onwards. Hope the bites get better real soon! Good luck Aidan
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    Salamanca or Zamora start in October

    ok....i will begin in Salamanca then. thanks
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    Wanted, good guide for Via de la Plata

    I see Gerald Kelly has a new 2018 edition I dont have a copy yet though!
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    Salamanca or Zamora start in October

    Was considering the Portuguese Interior this October, now changed my mind and will go Vdlp/ Sanabres. I read a lot that the section between Salamanca and Zamora is not so pretty and lot of road walking and some pilgrims skip this stage. Would you recommend a Salamanca start or Zamora?
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    Beginner: Ourense to Santiago

    Hi Estella, Some good advice there from SY.......credential from the albergue in Ourense and I find provides all the info you need. You have chosen a nice camino, in fact I consider this one the best 100k entry to Santiago. I recommend the detour via Oseira to...
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    Nov 16: starting from Seville- Anyone else?

    Wonderful! I wish you a peace filled journey. Buen camino aidan
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    Starting Mid March This is a great blog from SYates camino earlier this year....... good luck
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    Salamanca to Santiago Feb 2017?

    Hi, thank you for the info, can you please share the title of you book which you got from amazon? Will also check CSJ.....cheers
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    Salamanca to Santiago Feb 2017?

    Im considering walking from Salamanca to Santiago beginning early February. It will be my first camino during winter period. Will there be sufficient albergues open on this route during February or where can I obtain a list of the albergues? Not sure yet to go via Astorga or Camino Sanabres. Not...
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    Ourense to Santiago - Walking notes.
  14. AML

    Ourense to Santiago

    Hi Jenny, i walked from Ourense last Sept and i found it very well signed. Its a beautiful route and imo the best 100k entry to Santiago. Enjoy! Buen camino Aidan
  15. AML

    Route maps

    Hi, have a look at take some notes before you go or print off some pages. buen camino Aidan
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    Ourense to Santiago

    Hi Dania, I imagine you can get a credential in Xunta albergue in Ourense, as its the beginning of 100km camino to Santiago and will be fairly popular starting point.....or maybe the cathedral in Ourense. Im walking this route next month.....but I already have a credential, I picked one up in...
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    Ourense to Santiago

    Hi Dave, We plan to begin in Ourense on 16th and arrive Santiago on Sunday 20th. Buen camino
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    Via de la Plata 2014/2015 shared accommodation and eateries

    Excellent Buniontrotter......thank you!
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    LIVE from the Camino My Vdlp from June 2015

    Donna, I'm awaiting your report of your final stages to Santiago. You're probably celebrating in Santiago now....... Buen Camino Aidan
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    Ourense to Santiago

    I intend to walk Ourense to Santiago this September. Had a look at Oseira monastery website, it looks beautiful place to so will make sure to go that way! I think there is guided tours at certain times. Unfortunately i dont think i wil be able to stay there plan is Ourense - Cea -...

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