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  1. nzotto

    Reliable Luggage Delivery from Pamplona to Santiago

    You can do this….. I used jacotrans. If you have an apple Iphone to translate Tap the aA button in the far-left of the address bar, then select Translate to [Language] in the dropdown menu. Buen Camino! We are all cheering you on! Or you can go to your accommodations...
  2. nzotto

    To Compostela or not to Compostela

    I agree the passport is more important…
  3. nzotto

    Super Paranoid....Can i REALLY Do This?

    You can DO It!!! Buen Camino!
  4. nzotto

    October CF bottoms for women - suggestions appreciated!

    Hello Marska, I walked CF last year in March. I wore Athleta stash leggings, they have pockets on both sides. In fact, I wore the same ones everyday and washed them when there was a washing machine. I also wear these leggings when I hike/ walk at home because they are comfortable for me. Just a...
  5. nzotto

    Disparities between Wise Pilgrim and Brierley distances

    If you look at the different apps they all have different distances.
  6. nzotto

    The most beautiful stamp : Caldas de Reis

    I volunteered at the pilgrim’s office last year and saw many of these beautiful stamps.
  7. nzotto

    Picking grapes from vineyards along the way

    I would agree, because if everyone ate all the grapes there would be no wine 😂
  8. nzotto

    Camino Francés Federación to ban suitcases in their albergues (11 albergues affected by this rule)

    Just a thought…. In the beginning when pilgrims started walking to Santiago there were all types of pilgrims, pilgrims that had no means and walked carrying their belongings and then there were pilgrims who had there belongings carried by other people or maybe a donkey… There are all types of...
  9. nzotto

    Dreaming with doing it again!

    I walked last year in March and it wasn’t crowded, 5-15 people per day and some days fewer people. From Sarria to Santiago there were a lot of people! Buen Camino🥾
  10. nzotto

    How busy are July and August usually?

    I volunteered at the pilgrim’s office last July and there were over 1500 to 2000 people a day coming into the office not including the group counts downstairs.
  11. nzotto

    Compostela requirements clarification please

    But they are cheating themselves…
  12. nzotto

    What brand sports bra?

    Marska, I brought 2 lululemon “walk like a cloud” bras. I wore one and had an extra. They dry fast and are extremely comfortable for me. My daughter also wears them and feels the same way. But you need to find a bra that is comfortable for you. Buen Camino! 🥾
  13. nzotto

    Advance bookings!!! (Are they ruining the Camino?)

    I agree, the importance of the pilgrimage is to walk to the tomb of Santiago not how you managed your accommodations.
  14. nzotto

    Descent into Molinaseca

    Thanks for memory! I must of put this section out of mind 😂
  15. nzotto

    Do I need to pre-book a place in Santiago for Later July

    I agree with the other posts, book a place in Santiago. I was there last year to volunteer at the pilgrim’s office and Santiago was crowded with pilgrims and tourist.
  16. nzotto

    LIVE from the Camino What a difference

    I walked this time last year and it was similar to your Camino. I noticed places closed too and I also carried more food and water. Buen Camino!

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